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Fans Don’t Want Sajal Aly To Be Fair and Lovely!

Sajal Aly, the Aangan actress, starred in a Fair and Lovely ad and received backlash for her move. Though the ad doesn’t overtly blurt it out but the not so subtle message does go through. All the women featured in this ad are fair skinned and the before and after of using the whitening cream does show the women a tad bit fairer than before, implying that glow is a consequence of fair skin.


Fans expressed their dismay on Twitter:

Yeah, same Suleman, I too thought Sajal Aly knew better.

Some even pointed out that they appeared unnecessarily white that it almost looked unnatural.

Won’t mention how disappointed I’m in Sajal Aly for her Fair n lovely Tvc(all these people are ignorant asf) it’s just that she’s already fair why did the makers feel the dire need to make her look like a 2000-watt bulb irritating my eyes.”

First, Elan and their attempts to tan a fair model to adhere to the woke people, now Sajal Aly goes off promoting a Fair and Lovely campaign.

Thanks to our colonial mindsets that years down the line, we have not been able to brainwash our mind of this notion. The only thing we want to pass down our generations is not our culture or language, but our thirst for fair skin.

We are all aware of the Bleaching Syndrome that has caused many women mental and physical distress. It is so ridiculous that being fair can be listed as one of your achievements when sending out a marriage proposal.

More than half of the commercials on TV drama channels are revolving around this hideous propaganda which breeds low self-esteem in large quantities. From our faces down to even our genitals, the society would have everything plastered white and fair.

Most celebrities don’t understand their power and endorse things without thinking about the lasting effect on people. It is the 21st fuc*in century and just when you think people know better, NEWSFLASH, they don’t!

Apart from this, some people were seen trolling the duo Hania Amir and Asim Azhar, slandering Asim for having a darker tone as compared to Hania. It is ridiculous because Asim Azhar is not even that dark according to the crazy standards of our society, it is Hania Amir who is light skinned than average women here in Pakistan.


Quite ironic for a BROWN girl to mock someone who is also brown…

The deep-rooted colorism in our part of the world is downright disgusting and shallow. Celebrities need to realize the social responsibility they have towards people. If only our media could stop promoting these useless notions and empower people for what truly matters, we can hope for a change.

The disparity won’t stop if we don’t start making a change in ourselves.

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