Faris Shafi Rejects LSA Awards – Stands Tall With His Sister!

Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s on going battle continues as no word from the court has been given out yet. With this also came the Lux Style Awards boycotts when several celebrities rejected the awards as the organizers included the name of an alleged harasser on the list.

The first one to take the lead was obviously Meesha Shafi, who is the direct victim of this ordeal and she was followed by Eman Suleman, a model. They both used their social media, Twitter and Instagram respectively, accounts to publicly announce that they didn’t want anything to do with LSA as they were giving space to an alleged harasser. They requested the organizers to drop their names as Ali Zafar was nominated for the Best Actor in this year’s LSA.

Even Jami, The Sketches, Generation, Rubbab Ali and Fatima Nisar followed in their footsteps when they too, rejected the award claiming that they stand with their women.

Adding to this controversy, Faris Shafi and Talal Qureshi have also asked the organizers to remove their song from the list. His song Clap was nominated under the category of Best Song. It also features another artist, Talal Qureshi.

The supportive brother tweeted that, “Requesting that the following track, which has been nominated for ‘Best Song’ at the Lux Style Awards be removed from the list of nominees.”

He also included that his fellow artist, Talal Qureshi, who is part of this track as well, will not be endorsing the award either and neither will they be attending it.

Though a statement was issued by the LSA organizers regarding the LSA boycott controversy but that didn’t seem to justify why they had an alleged harasser on the list and neither will they be taking any steps to remove him.

For now many celebrities have bluntly rejected one of the the biggest entertainment industry accolade in Pakistan.

No word has been issued by the court as the case is still under investigation. If they court were to rule in Meesha’s favor would that make a difference? Would they be striking off Ali’s name from this list or will they still continue to argue that all candidates are chosen on merit basis which has nothing to do with issues existing outside this boundary?

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