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Five Reasons Why Learning a New Language Will Benefit You

In all honesty, learning a new language is the coolest thing you could do for yourself; if your school or university offers you an optional course, it’s usually the smart choice to go take it, even if the course is offered at an introductory level. The benefits are numerous of course, it makes you seem interesting and clever on a university application, it’s pretty handy if you want to impress people but there are many other advantages, actually backed up by research. Let’s take a look at some of these!

1. Improves cognitive processes

Research has shown how learning a language or even trying to can actually boost your memory, crank up your attention level and effectively improve the way your brain processes information. The process is simple; learning a new language helps you understand and manipulate the way you assimilate information in your mind which will, in turn, help you maximize the efficiency when it comes to learning other things. There are significant studies that hint towards a correlation between learning a new language and a number of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. If looking cool isn’t your primary motive then the health benefits definitely ought to sway you.

2. Makes traveling much easier

If you learn the language of a country before you set foot in it for your family vacation, you might be doing all the people with you a great favor. Learning the language of the locals will not only help you in emergency situations but will save you the endless, frustrated gesturing as you flail and try to explain what you want to the natives. Also makes you look less of an idiot in a strange country.

3. Broadens professional opportunities

Have been offered your dream job in France but can’t speak French? Could make good money translating Spanish literature into English but didn’t pay attention in Spanish 101? Save yourself the regret and learn another language; chances are you’ll end up thanking your lucky stars that you made the right choice.

4. Helps you befriend people of different nationalities

Want to be friends with someone but they’re not only completely out of your league but don’t even speak the same language as you? Been there, felt that. Instant regret mixed with laughing at own stupidity. Besides, it’s great to broaden your horizons and experience the diverse culture of another place in this world through its language while sitting cozily in your room. Who wouldn’t want that?

5. Helps you explore unlimited examples of good literature

Translated books are lovely but ask anyone you want to, many books do lose their essence once they’re stripped of the author’s language which eventually makes the book lose meaning. Plus if you feel as if you’ve read literally everything in your own language, it’s high time you explore the beauty of literature but in another language. After all, anything that helps you stock your bookshelf can’t really be that bad, can it?

Unleash your inner genius, whether out of genuine desire to learn or out of desperation, learn a new language by the end of this year, and uncover new productivity levels. This author promises that you won’t regret it!

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