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For Some Perspective This Ramadan, Try Shikwa And Jawab-e-Shikwa By Tina Sani, Turns Out You Are Not The Only Rebel

Sinfully Curt With Your Faith? It’s Okay, So is my friend Iqbal Here.

Literature, What is the human mind without literature, not just written literature, but also the one that is sung, seen, heard or witnessed through great mediums of music, theatre, dance, films, shorts, and social media. Dull boring and unimaginative, literature is absurd, creative and crazy, a conversation between Allama Iqbal and his creator in Iqbal’s words is crazy right, he is no prophet after all?

Iqbal’s poetry is a snooze case for many. People cram through it because of this is what our school textbook boards and underpaid, lousy and bored teachers teach us. But, here is your second shot at it, and Tina Sani will not let it down. I first heard it live at Faiz Festival about 4 years ago, and then I quickly became a fan of what the words said, what they meant, and also, how she says and why she says it the way she does.

It is a forgotten text, something that people, families, mentors somehow forgot how to share and pass on to the next generation. But, now that I can, I’ll share the finest piece of my heritage with the many who are privileged to read this.

Perhaps, families are scared that what if the child doesn’t understand the context or the child gets lost in bewilderment by being exposed to it, and in other cases, families don’t know this exists because nobody told them about wonderful works of the subcontinental literature.

You can like to read Michael Foucault, Rene Descartes, and that’s fine that my kinda rebel is Ghalib. You can love paintings like I love literature and that would be fine. You can like ragas like I like poetry and that is cool. A human being is inherently and should be free to exist. In their own fluid and beautiful way, however they like it, however, they choose it.

But, just in case you are looking for some perspective give this a read, or just play it up on SoundCloud and listen to it. It takes a moment to set in, but you get the hang of it, it is Iqbal at his finest. It is exactly what I thought I’d ask my God if and when I see it, and it is exactly what anyone wonders. What the Jawab-e-Shikwa suggest is something that you can not expect God to say in return.

Go through it, Urdu is hard, ask someone, if you can’t Google it, Don’t Google it the first time you are hearing it, Google it later, just soak into the words. Are you not Iqbal and is your relationship with your deity not the same as his? Isn’t everybody like that and why is there no clear conclusion? What is this a Rorschach test? Maybe, look into you, dive deep and find out a few answers, as my philosophy teacher always said: you idiots, dive deeper.

No offense, the human brain has the tendency to be very very lazy, wake it up and leave a message, did it work for your Ramadan sloppiness or did you just find out who you are?

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