Game of Thrones: 10 Best and Worst Relationships

Game of Thrones finally graced our screens this week. After two years of wait, the last season’s first episode was finally aired on the 16th of April, 2019. People from all over the world committed eight years to this and now the fight of the seven kingdoms is nearing its end.

Over time, the show gained popularity because of its politics, gripping story-line and it’s characters. The characters are so phenomenal that you don’t even have to spend a lot of time with them to develop an emotional connection. Take Ned Stark, for example, he barely makes it through the show but his loss still cuts deep.

Although, romance is not the strongest theme of the show, it exists. Some are beloved while others are cruel and vicious. Each relationship shows you a different side of human nature.

Best: Jon and Ygritte

This one’s easy. The first time Jon encounters Ygritte, we know something is bound to happen. They are a classic, simple, romantic couple. Ygritte is a fierce Wilding that develops a soft spot for Jon.

Both are on the opposing sides, its a classic Romeo and Juliet situation. Jon shows her affection towards her by bending the rules for her and for her people. Fierce and stubborn, the edges are softened as they find love in each other’s embrace. Though this simple affair doesn’t last for long as it ends in tragedy, however, it changes Jon Snow for the better.

Worst: Sansa and Joffrey

A fairly obvious one. Anyone who ended up with horrid Joffrey had the worst time of their life. I remember the sigh of relief when he was finally killed. However, Sansa was a fool who falls in love with her royal fiance, Joffrey. Meanwhile Joffrey never really cares for her which becomes rather evident when he kills Ned Stark and holds her hostage at the King’s Landing, all the while he continues to torture her family.

Sansa eventually falls out of love and makes it out alive.

Best: Khal Drogo and Dany

This is indeed a controversial one. When Daenerys first becomes a Khaleesi after marrying Khal Drogo, the relationship is rather forceful much like most of our Pakistani arranged marriages. It is an abusive and unequal pairing. While Daenerys was a lady and Khal Drogo belonged to a warrior Nomadic tribe, Dothraki.

However, over time they grow respect for each other and their cultures. Daenerys teaches him how to treat women and herself with respect while Khal teaches her how to be a fearless leader. He also helped her become the Mother of Dragons that she is today. Their relationship is a turning point for Daenerys Targaryen.

Worst: Cersei and Jaime

When we first get to know about their relationship, it icks us. But if we were t keep that aside and look at their couple, it is a dangerous one. While there are no doubts about the love they have for each other, nothing changes the fact that they have done some horrible things to save their love.

Exhibit A: Throwing Bran off the tower.

With a turbulent childhood, they find solace with one another that later blossoms into a romantic yet toxic relationship. They never find peace and even end up losing all their children as well.

Best: Gilly and Sam

If there is any innocence present in the show, it is because of these two. Sam Tarly starts off as a chubby, awkward best friend of a cool guy, Jon Snow. With time his character depicts kindness, intelligence, and dedication. From the time he saves Gilly and her son from his father, she becomes an important person in his life. Gilly’s love shapes Sam and gives him the confidence that he was robbed off from his father as he continued to belittle him. Despite being raised by terrible fathers, they exhibit kindness towards one another which is why they both deserve each other’s love.

Worst: Joffrey and Margaery

I knew the hate people had for Joffrey even before I started watching Game of Thrones. He really went out there and made his character so vile and disgusting that everyone wanted to get rid of him. Margaery Tyrell is beautiful and ambitious but in a selfish way. When they first got married, I knew this couple could reign terror on Westeros. Joffrey’s cruelty and Margaery’s selfishness could have made them a dangerous couple.

Best: Grey Worm and Missandei

Grey Worm and Missandei are both advisers of Dany. They were both saved by her and this shared bond brings them closer. Grey Worm shared a troubled past and has been brainwashed into this tough nut. Missandei plays this strong, beautiful, intelligent woman that draws Grey Worm towards her. Though he can’t be sexually aroused anymore, he still feels loves and affection towards her.

Worst: Tyrion and Shae

At first, they started out as the sweetest couple. Both the outcasts found solace in each other arms and we were happy for Tyrion as he received a lot of dirt from his family for being the halfling, unwanted son that killed his mother.

However, the -couple wouldn’t have survived as Tyrion was married to Sansa and hiding her became more difficult. Though his feelings towards Shae were true and pure, Shae was overcome by jealousy. He tries sending her away to save her life which she sees as an attempt to push her away. Shae and Tyrion fall out entirely after she sleeps with Tywin, Tyrion’s father. And then later, the cherry on top is when he has to kill her in self-defense.

Best: Margaery and Renly

The most interesting one by far which wasn’t even romantic. Unlike most couples, they had respect for each other and mutual understanding. While Margaery married him to become a queen, she had little interest in their sexual compatibility. This made it easier for Renly’s sexuality. She kept her brother’s and husband’s affair a secret in exchange for the throne and the heir. If they were to rule the Iron Throne together, the would have made great allies as their relationship was friendly and mutually beneficial.

Worst: Rhaegar and Lyanna

This will come as a surprise to you all.

Though most of us were equally shocked and thrilled upon finding this secret we cannot deny the fact that this cute, little secret love affair threw entire Westeros off the rails. As most of us saw these two as defying the odds and standing up for love, this bond really turned bitter for the people around them. However, this union was important for the later events that were to unfold but doesn’t spare them of the damage they caused. Though wholesome and VERY Romeo and Juliet, they set ablaze the entire Westeros for the years to come. Hence, this one gets a no from us.

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