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Gaming – An Addiction?

To Game or not to Game. Is that really the Question?

Is Gaming an Addiction?

Is liquor a compulsion? Or movies? Or music? Or on the other hand betting? No, they aren’t. None of these things are dependence or something that is essential for survival, yet they are something a man can be dependent on. Games are a similar way. Truly, it is by all accounts that fundamentally anything can be manhandled nowadays.

addictive games

You can consider addiction an extraordinary dedication or commitment. Commitment is characterized as a great deal of enthusiasm for a specific thing to which a great deal of time is given. Gaming could be one of these ‘things’. If an individual is able to control at will when he can stop gaming altogether for long intervals of time than the individual is not addicted. He just likes it as an occasional past time. On the other hand, if the individual tries to find ways to spend less time on everything else and prioritize gaming above all else, he is most certainly addicted to it as for him gaming has become a natural part of his routine, like eating food or breathing air.

An addiction according to Merriam Webster is

“a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal”

This definition drives gaming to be distinguished as an addiction, yet it isn’t as simple as black and white as the setting of this inquiry is placing it in. Gaming itself isn’t a compulsion. A gamer can be that as it may, be dependent on gaming.

Addiction is an extremely scary concept to read and a dangerous thing to have.

Its embodiment originates from how the addiction is made and why we keep it. On the off chance that what shields a man from stopping smoking is the craving for nicotine, at that point, the fixation is because of a reliance on the substance. In the event that what’s preventing a gamer from stopping gaming is exclusively his longing to keep playing, at that point the habit is ascribed to a simple mental reliance and dependence to full their psychological needs.

It isn’t, however it can be. Gaming without anyone else (like betting) isn’t a habit, yet you can turn out to be physiologically reliant on the boosts from gaming (like betting), thus while gaming in it of itself isn’t a dependence, on the off chance that somebody was to some way or another turn out to be physiologically subject to the jolts, then gaming would be an enslavement.

If you have a strong dependency on anything, you are most certainly addicted to it.

Games itself are an enchanting concept and it is one of the many wonders of the new age. Like all things it has its own charms and beauty that attracts individuals and keep them loyal to it. The fact that matters is whether we let it rule our lives or we rule it. When we let it rule our lives, we, in turn, become dependent upon it and we feel we need to perform this activity each day otherwise we’ll suffer greatly, we feel unsatisfied and other feelings of discomfort if we aren’t able to get our daily dose of gaming. On the other hand, when we rule it we know when to prioritize our work or relationships over it. We know when it becomes a bit “unhealthy” to continue gaming and we remember to take breaks and also take care of ourselves and not sitting in front of the screen all day and all night long.

So I ask you. Do you have as such dependency on anything?
(If you do; you are most certainly addicted to it, whether you like it or not.)

An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate ~ Criss Jami

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