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Generation and Makeup Artist Saima Bargfrede Step Down From LSA 2019

After Eman Suleman’s very public boycott, we have a new one in the house. This one is a big one because corporations stepping down for a cause is really something!

Drumroll please, this time it is:

Sounds about right, brand for women, standing up for women’s rights and empowerment? Yeah, but not all do that.

In this time defined by the success and influence of the digital world on our lives, cognition, and emotions, this is a tangible achievement in terms of the level of awareness that the changemakers have been able to stir up in our nation, especially through the brave effort Meesha herself.

Although, this could also be seen as a great marketing move, well in contrast to the Kayseria Fiasco of course, whereby Generation’s direct competitor’s head very, unfortunately, created a misogynist scene, and was caught on camera and unleashed to the world by Eman Suleman herself. He was then helped by his brilliant IT and public relations team who removed that video from circling around on social media. With Generation publically setting itself out on the other end of the spectrum, we see a clear cut statement that says that not only is Generation woke and bold about things, it is also not Kayseria, and what a way to place yourself in the limelight without seeming too out of the way.

We give Generation the benefit of doubt and believe that big brands not taking all of the accolades that some would otherwise buy their way into, really step up the game and this means Patriarchy -1, Women Empowerment 2.

Although whether the intention here is because Generation strongly wants to condemn the notion of disservice years of female empowerment and the global movement towards making this world and our society a safe place for women and a particularly respectful one is slightly debatable, given the fact that Generation, after all, is none the less a business, and whether it decides to stay current to uplift the values its customers expect of it or whether it does so to further its own values and moral system that it was found upon, is a matter of opinion and perspective.

Generation nonetheless is exactly what it’s promise states, and that is doing what it’s gotta help bring out the Generation Woman in you, she is bold, fierce and global:

Bringing innovative designs, latest trends and hand-crafted pieces from our various lines that personify the GENERATION woman, to your doorstep worldwide!

With Love, Zipiters!

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