Girls Can Be Anything They Want

Things To Not Say When Talking About Girls

Stereotyping is so last year, folks.

If you are sick and tired of men coming up to you and telling you things about your own gender, that are not only false but based on some form of humor that you cannot understand, this author completely gets you. Whether it be another treatise on how girls can’t drive hahaha or the age-old women hate other women or this author’s personal favorite (on a scale of how much she despises these stereotypes) – girls can’t be friends, it’s high time we make a huge list of all the things that girls can do, simply to shut this random and rather futile discourse, passed from one generation to another, in the form of crude jokes and oh-so-careful observations.

Girls can drive.

If you’ve seen one woman who wasn’t able to reverse properly and had a look of pure frustration on her face, it wasn’t because she’s a bad driver. It’s probably because you were literally honking so loudly, like a child wanting to attract attention and couldn’t help but want to assert your masculinity by glaring at her until she felt unsafe and lost her confidence. The fault is still not hers.

Girls can’t be friends, they get jealous too easily.

The amount of times this author has heard this baseless accusation is enough to make her want to tear her hair out; girls don’t get jealous easily and yes, they too are capable of complete loyalty and unending friendship. It’s time you think about your own friends and realized how you’re not addressing any concerns simply because you think boys don’t show their true emotions. If women get into a catfight, guys get into fistfights. Can’t decide which one is worse.

Girls can be good at math.

No, your superior male brain did not come with any extra, arithmetic skills. There have been many women who were regarded as human calculators, helping their male counterparts in calculations and then being deprived of the credit they truly deserved.

Girls can’t keep secrets.

In all honesty, we have literal, sealed lockers in our minds where we store vital information that never sees the light of the day. Stop telling us we’re petty, it’s getting old.

Girls can’t work after marriage.

Oh, no. God forbid a girl decides she wants to contribute to her own household by doing a job. How shameless. The truth is, it’s high time we stop regarding marriage as the death of every girl’s ambitions.

Girls shouldn’t leave the house after dark.

How about you stop harassing women at all and stop telling an entire gender to stay at home simply because you cannot keep yourself in check. Get over it, please.

Girls can’t write good novels.

This one is so familiar and wrong on so many levels. If you need a list of women who have proved this throughout history, feel free to consult this author’s personal list.

Girls can’t be pretty and smart.

This one is a no-brainer. If Legally Blonde taught us anything, it’s that someone’s hair color and beauty does not automatically make them dumb. It’s high time we stop associating the two and realize that girls can be anything they want.

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