Good morning! Oh! Its past 6-pm, Night Again!

It’s summers! And we are university students. Thank goodness the semester is over. The finals were the worst, feels like I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in eons. I need to plan my summer according to my requirements and priorities.

List of priorities:

  • Sleep
  • More sleep
  • Browse internet
  • Do some activities of which you can take cool pictures of to post of social media
  • Eat a little (eating keeps you alive.)
  • Other unimportant stuff (plan your career, apply for the summer internship you saved the link of.. not that important at all, trust me… trust yourself 😉 )


And that is pretty much how the summers of an average university student go by. It is a repeat cycle of sleep, eat, browse social media, sleep, eat…., and so on. With an occasional trip to some go-to part of the country with family or friends, but once the trip is over, the cycle retains itself.

You would ask what’s the catch in it? Well, the reason, the cause of this cycle, is the catch obviously.

The reason/s:

Well, for one, we are the generation X (the university fellas), the generation that was first one to be introduced (more like fallen prey) to the modern tech. It was supposed to make our life easier, simpler and faster. Where it has achieved all of its aims, even the makers admit that the way it turned out; is not what they had intended initially (it might have, the way it turned out gives them all the more chances to enhance their market, who doesn’t intend that? Especially, when we are talking about businessmen.)

technology bound

Anyways, we have become addicts to the internet and modern gadgets. But they make us drowsy and lazy and want to keep us to only themselves (possessive little beasts), and we let them (we are so selfless). They have made our life easier and simpler; by giving us a list of prioritized priorities, and time seems to fly when you are on the internet (that’s no secret.). So we stay in bed all day, and when we finally get up to do something productive.. the optimum time has already gone by, and it’s time when everyone else goes to sleep again, so we do what everyone around us is doing, we go back to sleep.


Just make sure that you don’t regret the pattern when you are sitting in a rocking chair and reflecting upon your youth.

Time to go browse and post my pictures! Have a great summer!

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