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Graffiti – Art or No Art?

An Act of Vandalism?

Graffiti defined by Google is: writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

As many different people exist that many different views also exist and such is the case with Graffiti. For some, it is a deed which is contempt based and should be nothing but illegal but some individuals regard it as an art that expresses an artist’s most raw emotions. Let us tell you the points and you decide for yourself whether Graffiti is it truly a work of art.

Graffiti has a similar case to Abstract Art. Like its partner in crime, it is considered something which has no value or importance because people cannot understand the motive behind a stranger painting on their walls. What the human mind cannot comprehend it rejects. Then there are those who are quite open-minded and they take graffiti as a form of light humor and wholeheartedly enjoying participating and viewing it.

In the event that somebody makes a major painting with a great deal of detail the individual is viewed as an artist so for what reason isn’t graffiti an art? They may trust that graffiti is vandalism since they consider graffiti to be an annihilation of others property. They may contend that graffiti isn’t a craftsmanship since “art” is the articulation or utilization of human innovative expertise and creative energy, ordinarily in a visual frame, for example, painting or figure, delivering attempts to be acknowledged principally for their excellence or enthusiastic power which is made on the property of the artist himself rather than on someone’s wall or doorway.

Graffiti is usually considered a crime due to the canvas it is done on. The usual favourite spot of a graffiti artist to display his work is on (not surprisingly) another person’s private property due to which it is considered a crime as a person is trespassing into another individual private and personal space to change it against and without the owner’s wishes. Though the victim whose wall has been taken over by graffiti does not enjoy it the least, the onlookers however thoroughly enjoy seeing these works of art especially in tunnels or streets where they even get to view 3D graffiti or illusions which are all the more enthralling.

Many consider art to be anything that is wonderful or engaging, which needs abilities and procedure, which (usually) has a meaning and motive behind it; these are everything required for graffiti so for what reason would it say it isn’t workmanship? Most simply believe that graffiti has no importance and that is inconsequential because they want to feel that way.

We need to understand that “art” itself is extremely subjective and everyone is allowed and has the right to hold individual perspective to what they consider as art or not because we have all experienced life in various flavors and as such we all have lived similar yet different lives which have made us who we are hence it is your own decision whether you chose to believe that if something is truly something or not such as if Graffiti –a vandalism or so to say, an art or not.

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