Handling Periods – For Men

Though Periods are Physically experienced by those with a vagina, their Partners have to face the same hell as their partner..


Me: “Umm, no?”

Her: *Starts Crying

For no individual alive is it easy to handle a person on their periods (periods: a basic definition; aside from the pain it is a process by which the body makes the individual crave the weirdest of things in the most awkward of times). At some point in our life, we all have had to go get ice cream, fried fish or some other delicacy of sorts for our partner because they would “die” without eating it.

With mood swings, lots of pain, and emotional breakdowns, it’s got to be hard for men to deal with a woman on her period. A woman’s period is surely not her favorite part of the month. We must admit that lots of arguments and issues may take place between a man and his woman due to her sensitivity and mood swings during her period.

Take care of your loved one.

Every man should know how to handle a woman on her periods so here is a guide to help you.

Give her more love and attention (like you already don’t)

You may find your wife or girlfriend oversensitive while she’s on her period, that’s why you may have to be extra sweet and romantic with her. Pamper her with lots of hugs, kisses and also some sweet talk. This will make her feel better about herself and instantly lift up her mood.

Avoid giving her negative comments (or remarks or vulgarity or anything. Stay silent)

During a woman’s period, she is less likely to be as calm and can get easily mad. Wondering how to deal with that when a woman is on her period? Don’t expect her to take any negative comments or criticism lightly because the physical pain she’s facing is already irritating her. Also never comment on her weight while she’s on her period because she’s already bloated and it doesn’t make her feel good already.

Surprise her with flowers and chocolates (or any generic boy surprise girl with gift encounter)

Some roses, chocolates or even a night out at her favorite restaurant is capable of making her feel better in no time! The ultimate key to dealing with a woman on her period is simply lots of pampering!

Keep track of her menstrual cycle (We know it’s hard but you have to do what you have to do)

This is by far one of the best ways to deal with PMS. Knowing beforehand when to expect your woman’s period will help you figure out the reason why she’s being so moody and that you should treat her differently and with care.

You chose to be with her in death and sorrow.

Help her out with housework

When a woman relaxes more while on her period, she’s less likely to feel pain and contractions. In order to deal with your woman on her period the right way, make sure to help her out with her daily housework like washing the dishes, helping out with the laundry or even fixing the bed.

Make her feel wanted (Love, love and more love!)

A woman on her period needs to feel she’s beautiful and still desirable. Stay close to your woman during her period instead of making her feel bad about herself. You can also keep a blanket next to her in case she gets cold because her body temperature won’t be stable during her period.

Don’t take things personally

If you have noticed that your woman argues about the little things, then try not to take it personally. If it happened and she got mad at you for no reason, you must know that it’s because of her hormones and it has nothing to do with you.

Point out her PMS symptoms? Big NO

Women can be touchy about being labeled as a raving lunatic for a few days a month, and very few will admit that they’re affected. If you notice her behaviour getting out of control and you feel the need to mention it, just don’t blame the PMS. Assuming that her behaviour is strictly due to her raging hormones, it will discount the possibility that her feelings are valid, and will therefore only make her angrier.

Be with her in pain and she will be with you in your times of pain as well.

More ways to avoid conflict…

When she complains that her clothes feel a bit tight and she doesn’t feel great, rather than point out the six brownies she ate in one sitting yesterday, grab her hand and take her for a walk. The exercise and fresh air will help to improve her mood, and she’ll appreciate that she doesn’t have to deal with an I-told-you-so boyfriend who is doubling as the diet police.

In conclusion, when a person is on their periods: Exercise full caution and just pray to God that they get relief soon. You have no other way to escape this choice. PMS-inflicted women have been given license to run amok, and survival should be your main goal.

Men have periods too, they just don’t bleed ~  Tori Amos

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