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Is Sundar Pichai The Reason Pakistan Has Lost Gilgit-Baltistan And Jammu & Kashmir?

Maps come in all colors, shades, shapes, and sizes. What a map looks like on the global map is very serious business. The kind that involves a word soup of Intelligence agencies, informational providers and a very critical agenda conflict for perhaps, every country.

It is entirely possible that out of the 195 countries of the world, plus the Holy See and the State of Palestine, nearly half countries are entirely misrepresented on the most trusted satellite maps online, including Wikimapia and Google Maps. Their governments know, Google knows, their neighbors know, their allies or not so friendly rival states know. The politics is strong not just in Pakistan. In case you hadn’t noticed that News talks about absurd and highly incredulous thing happening in a new country every 3-4 month.

Anyway, our map doesn’t look like our map if you see it in our dear friendly neighbor’s land i.e India, they like to show Gilgit Baltistan and Jammu&Kashmir as the land that they claim as theirs, through the stripes.

In the U.S. if you look at the India-Pakistan map, the size of Pakistan looks like it’s sliced in half, shrank and then fixed onto the Asian continent, in an awkward spot, the size is greatly misrepresented and there might be a little confused about the placement, as if our dear American friends at Google and other satellites couldn’t figure what to do with our nation.

Find The Odd Thing:

Via Maps of India
Via Maps of India

It is not just an Indian Bias: Is it just me or is it way skinnier than what it should be?

Via IFL Science
Via IFL Science

The Indian population is huge. Larger than ours. The large population means the large market for advertisers and who is the biggest advertiser from them all? Yes, you guessed it, Google.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, is an Indian man, the kind who wants to further Google’s development in the nation very insistently, given the huge IT improvements in the nation it is not a bad idea, any tech giant would like to do so.

So when Google is given the ultimatum by the Indian government that the world map will be their way, not ours, the man obliged. Like all the men, women and employees before him. Pakistan Information Cell, on the other hand, acted generously in this conflict, not giving it any heed.

Also, did you know that the color, the official color of our map is not just any green? It is called Pakistan Green. It is the one in the background of this map, the color of our flag basically.

Via Youtube
Via Youtube

This is all a game of numbers and which country has better PR after all. But, we know which one is right! And one day, we can show it to the corporation-blinded world too.

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