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Here I Stand

and Here I shall Be

Daydreaming about the million ways I waste my day and could instead do something productive but don’t because of my laziness is one of my favourite hobbies. Obviously, there are a billion and more ways to go about doing anything to something but eh, no.

True success I believe lies in what you consider as easy peasy lemon squeezy but is actually quite impactful and It is actually the experience you garnered over the years that makes this task look so easy to you.

That is the reason, of late; I’ve been extremely captivated with the possibility of essentially taking a stand. It’s such a straightforward demonstration, yet it’s likely the greatest thing a man can do to truly impact change.

Obviously, it is quite difficult. You need to get over the dread or feedback and disparagement keeping in mind the end goal to take a stand. That takes work, yet it lies within reach. I’ve never met anybody that, with a little work, couldn’t make a stride towards saying or accomplishing something they truly have faith in.

Taking a stand is the first step but, ultimately, taking a stand for something is what’s required.

  1. Take something you stand against, and turn it around.

In the event that you abhor rape, stand for equal rights to individuals that both encounter rape (not just women). In the event that you don’t have confidence in war, why not battle for peace? Need to stop the devastation of the earth for our own particular selfish reasons? Go to war for conservation and sustainable development and usage of resources.

Don’t waste your time fighting the symptoms. Use your energy to support a real solution to the underlying problem.

  1. Find the most important thing you do every day and tell people about it.

Don’t know what to take a stand for? Take a gander at all that you do in day, locate the most imperative thing, and do a greater amount of that. At that point, educate individuals concerning it. Tell everybody you know. Tell anybody that will tune in. That is a decent place to begin.

Procrastinating and wasting away your day? Same. Take a stand to accomplish more essential things. Go from that point.

  1. Don’t beat around the bush.

Standing up for something means putting aside your dread of scorn and saying what you truly want to and feel. Don’t allude to it. Don’t lead into it. Don’t beat around the bush.

Shout it. Speak it. Whisper it, whatever but do put it out into world and say it like you mean it. Say it like a fact because unless you do, unless you don’t believe it with undying faith the people around you won’t either.

Plus don’t say sorry when someone disagrees with you. Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

  1. Have a friend.

There’s this cheerful, feel smart thought that you can change the world without depending on anyone else. It’s a lie. You can’t. In any case, you and one other individual can.

You don’t need to persuade the entire world to change – only one other individual.

In the event that you can change only one individual, at that point that one individual can transform one other individual. This just needs to happen, maybe, a couple of dozen times before the whole world is a radically new place.

Begin a development, and let the development do the rest. Build the fire then let the fire spread.

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