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Here Is How Careem Failed Me, And it will fail you too!


The collaboration of two competitors has never been good for any society. Jazz-Warid did no good, only confusion of helpline portals, franchise details and network problems, Rani float and Minutemaid or Coca-Cola, nothing is good when two big giants who formerly hated each other, team up for profits.

Uber and Careem are now closer than ever, they have united forces. This means the monopoly has been created. If you have had bad experiences with Uber, you would know that that very shit, is now welcomed at Careem, and the beautiful city of Townsville will now turn into the deceit and trouble-ridden Gotham city.

So, every now and then (more like 2 times every day, which is more than the number of times people brush their teeth) I book a Careem. And I did the same this time, only to be humiliated, disturbed and scarred for life.

I called the helpline 5 times, only to fail. THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT CAREEM If YOU ARE IN A MESS. The helpline was a dead end. 16 emails, but no response. 7 reviews and reported the problem 7 times, NO BLOODY SHAME OR RESPONSE.

Got an AutoResponse, and that Screwed this up even more:

Climax: Careem Gets Bad PR

I have one question to them, JUST 1: Will the captain still be employed at Careem and still be allowed to take rides as per usual? 

AFTER ME HAVING TO GO AFTER MY SIM SERVICE PROVIDER, GET A NEW PHONE, REPORT TO POLICE, TRACK MY PHONE, Lose data, my memory card, most of my apps that are not secure with KNOX etc, My goddamned gallery and the collection of books I had paid for on that device?

Resolution – Careem and Uber:

Welcome to the world of Conglomerates and Mergers, This is Capitalism, and your satisfaction does not matter!

via Careem.com

Also, Perhaps, if you do find your self in such a mess you can book a ride, cancel it immediately, call the helpline, and they will pick up, maybe. (Found this friend’s advice helpful).

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