Here’s 5 Ways To Have Fun In Lahore That Isn’t Just The Epic Cuisine

Lahore. Some call it the Pakistan’s food central and they’re not wrong. Also known as the city of gardens, this historical cultural pot of a city is known for it’s unique desi and fusion cuisines that will have you hooked on for more. Tourists and international vloggers can’t get enough of our local food and for good reason too.

However, Lahoris know how to show you a good time apart from their exquisite karahis and tikkay. As the old saying goes Jinnay lorr nahi takkaeya, o jammeah e nahi! The sites, the people and the architecture has a strong foothold in the tradition and history of this important city and Old Lahore itself brings in tourists in droves. 

It may seem like the food and the people’s love for it has over powered the way the city is advertised but trust us, there’s a lot to do here. Not that we don’t recommend stopping in your tracks where ever you witness magical street food and mouthwatering local delicacies being prepared. Actually, we demand that you do!

However, if you’re looking to try something different for once, we might have a few things you can do instead.

For a fun and colourful night out in town, head on over to the illustrious Peeru’s Cafe that is known for it’s mesmerizing interior, it’s peculiar puppets and it’s festive Sufi and Qawali nights on Thyursdays and Fridays. If you want to delve deep into the rich Sufi music Lahore has to offer in a comfortable family friendly setting, Peeru’s is the place for you.

Source; YouTube

If you’re more on the adventurous side, we recommend heading on over to Battlefield for a day filled with adrenaline pumping activities. From extreme paintball to Go Karting, this place has it all! Starting at a measly price of 500 per person, this extreme sport is relatively newer in the city and definitely not an activity to be missed out on.


While paintball fights might be for everyone, we’ve yet to come across a person who doesn’t like to beat the heat by jumping into exciting water rides and pools at the Oasis Gold And Aqua Resort. Sure, you need a membership to cool off by their amazing beach that reminds you of the real deal. But boy is it worth it! When you and the kids are tired of splashing around in the sun all day long, head on over to engage in some archery or horse riding instead. This place is the complete package.

Source; CityNTown

If you’re in town for a far more unique experience, however, we recommend something slightly more unorthodox. Lahore is known for it’s stronghold on Sufism and mysticism and what better way to immerse yourself in all that than by taking part (or witnessing) a real life Sufi dhamaal? Catch people of all ages in this hypnotic trance of a dance at any of the larger shrines around the city.

Source; Lost With Purpose

The huge market places and souqs are what make many cities famous but the truth is they aren’t just market places where goods are bought and sold. History is made and stories are told everyday at Lahore’s old and bustling markets such as Anarkali and Liberty. Where you can meet the real interesting people that make this city what it is and get a great bargain for those colourful khussas at the same time!

Source; pakistantoday

So, really the only question that remains is “What are you waiting for when there’s an entirely different perspective to this grand city just waiting to be seen”?

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