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Here’s What FoodPanda Did To Me ALL Ramadaan!

FoodPanda Screwed Me Over Every Day Of The Holy Month. I am not even kidding.

They sent me STEAMY HOT COCA-COLA BOTTLES, they forgot my entire Cinnastix and charged me for it and the restaurant refused to redeliver, they sent me unlimited over-fried Mcdonald’s fries, they made me wait for the food for up to 1.5 hours and then another 1 hour arguing over it, and I know for a fact that I am not alone in my food struggle.

I actually kept every email transcript to document the entire episode, each time. Here’s what would happen, the series of unfortunate events:

1 – I come home late for Iftaar, so I order my food online.

2 – The food is an extra 15 minutes late, the rider brings cold food, the order is incomplete and the rider or the restaurant doesn’t return calls afterward.

3 – I contact FoodPanda.

4 – FoodPanda replies another 10 minutes later, that I should wait a little more.

5 – Fifteen minutes and 10 messages later, he tells me he is looking for the details. 5 minutes later he ASKS ME about the details that he went to look for,

6 – I open another chat, it takes another 10 minutes for the chat assistant to look for the details, meanwhile I keep messaging them about the deteriorating service because its been 20ish days since this routine of FoodPanda sending wrong food and then not replying has been going on. But then, they want me to wait for more, and so I do, due diligence for food in the month of patience and perseverance.


7. This other chat assistant says that he can not do anything, and then asks me to show the picture DISPLAYED OF FOOD PANDA, That had more wings..

8. I get pissed.

9. The picture anyway, marked in case he is blind:

10 – No reply, 5 minutes later just to confirm:

11 – Just when I am about to close the chat window:

Here’s What FoodPanda Did To Me All Ramadan

Will I be using Food Panda, maybe in a pinch, but should anyone be using Food Panda at all, no they have no idea about what they are doing with their service, man! DAMN.

(I did get a replacement or a voucher a couple of times, but considering the order ratio to that, and the number of complaints, it was nothing, I’ve reserved food orders from them up to 3 times between iftar and suhoor, for more than 4 consecutive days, and this is just in Ramadaan)

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