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How To Get That Captain Marvel Body

Captain Marvel has hit the screens and people have been going crazy. Brie Larson’s role as Captain Marvel is indeed promising. While watching the movie, her acting was impeccable but what I could NOT stop drooling at was her body. She had such a lean and toned figure that appeared strong as well as sexy. And so my research to get THAT Brie Larson body began.

As I started digging up on her social media where she might have shared secrets on how to get that figure, it turned out that it was easier than I thought. Her role was obviously physically demanding and she had been documenting her intense training journey on her Instagram, @brielarson.

And trust me, it is INTENSE.

If you want to dive right into it, let’s start with this dance infused warm up!


Seems easy right? Let’s turn it up a notch, yeah? Are you ready?


Now for some serious back and shoulder goals that could rip anyone apart:


Not feeling the intensity? Throw in a 12-pound medicine ball because these crazy workout regimes weren’t hard enough!


If you are still reading then we are surprised. How about a little something that will indeed put yours and mine ab workout routines to shame!


Since she does belong to the Avenger family now, it’s good that she gets some of her inspiration from her peers. And no other character shows physical strength better than Thor, amirite??


Wanna know how she gets that perfect apple bottom?


Yeap, that’s pretty much it. At least I am done for the day. The Oscar-winning actress really has A LOT of motivation and dedication. Now if you want to get that body, be prepared for this!

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