Human Picked Up

A Careem Ride

“Your Careem Car has arrived”, came the notification.

I said my good byes, hugged my fellow peers and made my way to the car where waited the driver, ready to rock and roll. Or not.

Not only had he parked farther than the original location I had called him but he was always deep immersed in his phone doing something that I didn’t care to see as his nonchalant attitude really ticked me off.

“Careem?” I asked in my most stern voice but being a teenager, the softness was ever visible and he put down his phone and smiled back with a small nod. I looked at him with no emotion, smiled back in respect and made my way to the passenger’s seat. While sitting down, I put my bag in the back seat and made myself comfortable by adjusting the seat and putting on my seatbelt.

“XYZ location?” he asked. I replied in the affirmative and took out my phone not wanting to make any further chat with him. He being sensible enough, or so I thought, got the message and refrained from further small gossip.

“zeeeek” the car made a sharp stop at a red light. “This guy isn’t a good driver.” I thought to myself but refrained from saying anything to the man himself as he seemed the type to snap at any given moment. While I ruthlessly swore at the Careem Captain in my thoughts a beggar made his way to our car and asked for cash. The Careem driver looked at me then looked at the individual who I now recognized as one of the trans community wearing all the fancy clothes and accessories.

They whispered about something then the Careem Captain looked at me and with an extremely unapologetic and unsympathetic tone told me, “Sir do you mind if I have him sit with us? I know this person and I would like to drop him home.”

I wanted to object at the extremity of this whole thing and how stupid this whole dilemma was but in the heat of the moment, I obliged and said, “Sure.”

One thing I’m proud of.

The beggar who apparently knew my Careem Captain came and sat in the back of the car seat. I grabbed my backpack to give him some space to sit and also because I didn’t trust the guy enough to keep his hands away from my bag.

I knew that it would have been awkward sitting with one stranger but sitting with two strangers is even more awkward and embarrassing than one can imagine. Moreover, when those two strangers seem to be acting strange and up to something you can’t help but wonder but what’s their relation. In my case, they were acting strangely in the way that they were constantly touching or poking away at each other. I took it as harmless touching but when they started touching their private parts I could barely keep my eyes set towards the other side, ignoring them to the best of my ability.

It was when my ride finally finished and I made my way outside that I finally understood what was happening here.

These two were about to have sex.

I reached this conclusion by the words of the back seater who spoke, “Where do you wanna do it? And how much are you gonna pay me?”

The Careem Driver responded, “Enough.” And cackled.

Maybe it was my naive look, maybe my young age. Alas the driver spared me and instead chose the trans man to fulfill his desires.

Gives me the chills even now.

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