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I see it as art, you see it as science

The arts arise in the basic human impulse to figure (and figure out) the possibility of hope, of other worlds, of other lives. The arts belong to the ecstatic, to what is beyond the familiar condition of every day. It’s a form of discovery; of the world and yourself. No matter how apparently simple or humdrum the subject, the artist aims at transcendence, at the transformation. It’s a game of perspectives.

Art encompasses all human activity but is transcended by the subset of science which is applied at – the application of human activity to describing the universe.”

Art is all other activity and consequently deals in metaphysical assertions – the value or quality of the art is provided solely by the observer. Art is transitory, whilst science is enduring because art is meaningless except to the observer. It’s not set in stone; art can only be seen by the people who want to see it. It’s not for all, but at the same time, it is. Instead of asking ‘what am I supposed to be looking at’ when staring at abstract art, it demands you to get all the thoughts that digressed on the canvas as paint through the hands of the artist. It’s as if thoughts were colors and unlike thoughts, the colors got a platform; the canvas.

Science, on the other hand, provides a constantly revised but uniquely transferable framework of meaning. Art has no intrinsic worth, its value must all be invested by the observer. It has not quantitative measures, it’s a subjective sense of being and feeling.

Dylan Wolf says, “For me, the crux of the matter is that art is all things to all people. It transcends ethnic, religious, educational and moral sensibilities. It allows the opening of the mind from the sink estate to the regal estate. From ancient to modern and into the future, it is humanity’s striving for novelty and getting away from the usual mundane existence.”
But, as he says, it has to have a quality of execution otherwise it is worthless.

“Art reflects, expresses, invokes and describes the ambiguity of humanity” – it is what I always thought but couldn’t express. Some find their peace in art, others find a voice. The two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive but are at the contrast.
For so long we’ve neglected art, saying it’s easy, it’s nothing special, it’s a useless skill. Truth be told, it’s a way of thinking, expressing and being aware. It’s more about communicating than just giving or receiving. It teaches us the abstract concepts of life science can’t quantify or put into figures.

Art speaks levels if the admirer is ready to listen.
it’s a voice.

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