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I’m Not Like Other Girls

It’s 2018, folks. Time to put an end to all the toxic things we’ve been taught to say.

Do you frequently use this phrase? Casually throw it in every convo just to get a false sense of superiority and to gain the validation of the people around you?

Does this author disapprove? Yes. But does she blame you? Not really.

Chances are the people giving you validation for saying toxic phrases like that were the ones who conditioned you to boast of it since childhood, telling you that it’s better if you stop behaving like other girls and start using the very same fact to flaunt your personality in the future. An interesting tactic. Very low, too. But we shall not discuss that. Here’s what this author has to say to the women who say they’re not like other women and to all the men who tried to validate us using this very same phrase.

Women. Stop using this phrase. You might scoff at my reprimands but I speak purely out of logic and rationality. When you say I’m not like other girls, you’re insinuating that these other girls are not only to be hated or ridiculed but that they possess some inherent qualities that make them deserving of the hatred that comes their way. You’re essentially saying that these women are not only inferior but also hinting that you are somehow in competition with all these nameless, faceless other girls.

Here’s a novel thought. You’re not as unique as you fancy. Being interested in maths, knowing how to play sports, participating in games, playing video games, being inclined towards science or really any other activities associated with our flawed concept of masculinity, do not make you better than other women let alone unique. These things do not determine your own, individualistic identity. Being a gamer doesn’t make you better than other women. Being a voracious reader doesn’t make you more intelligent. Hating shopping doesn’t make you morally superior.

The very, very harsh truth is this – none of us are as truly unique as we think. We share many personality traits, likes and dislikes, thoughts and even feelings with millions of people all around the globe which just goes to show that no matter how you assert that you are not like other women, you, in fact, are one hundred percent similar to millions of women all over the group. You’re just in denial, probably like the women who resemble you, going around saying they’re not like other girls. There’s always time to learn though and if you’re willing to come down from your high horse, stop saying toxic things just to get validation. You are enough. For yourself and others, who shouldn’t even matter.

Women aren’t the petty, jealous creatures that they have been portrayed as in movies and it’s high time you step out of your bubble and recognize that you have been doing your own gender a great disservice.

Your uniqueness does not lie in asserting that you are somehow superior just because you engage in masculine activities or share their behavior.

To all the men who think women still need their validation to even breath, it’s time you stop unconsciously enforcing the idea that your gender is superior to ours. Teach everyone you know to stop engaging in behavior that is going to be hurt another person. It’s high time we recognize our own faults and move towards a society where both women and men are recognized as equals.

No more of these false narratives, please. We’ve moved past the Dark Ages.

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