Insecurity – Handling them

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Insecurity. The very mention of this word influences our bodies to choke in self-protection. They are not something that someone can openly scream like their name as the name itself suggest, they are what you feel are the problems inside you hence you don’t talk about them. But here at ZIPit, we believe otherwise.

Share Your Struggles—Even If You Have to Do It Anonymously

The thing about insecurities is that no one talks about them. It’s quite understandable why one chooses not to but that is where everything starts going wrong. You need to think out of the box if you wish to find the solution.

Put down your foot and scream your heart about what you feel. If insecurities are only insecurities till they are inside you then scream your lungs out and put them on the table so your fellow peers and companions can devour them for you and finish them for once and all. Do not feel weird or bad. Everyone has insecurities. Begin discussing them, even anonymously and you shall see wonders taking place. Once you start discussing them, you are well onto your way to recovery.

Mentor Someone Younger Than You

The best way to open up about your own insecurities is to discuss them with someone younger than you who is going through the same thing or a phase that will lead him to where you are. The precursor to your present state.

If there is even the smallest of empathy particles still swimming in you, you will feel obligated to help the child who suffers from a similar illness like you and the best way to do that is in turn to mentor him and help him through his life. Explain to him how one can live with his insecurities intact and it isn’t any different than being normal. Not only will your help be beneficial for you, unknowingly you will be helping yourself by making peace with your own insecurities.

Realize Bravery Requires Vulnerability

To do anything you should know, that you have to be brave. You have to have courage if you want to bring even the littlest bit of change in your life. Learn to respect yourself. Learn to love yourself. Be strong enough to say that “I deserve better than this.” Once you realize your own self-worth which is when you will understand how much you deserve better and how much importance you have. The insecurities that you feel as burdens weighing you down are just the clothes that you can disregard at any moment you choose to and soar through the sky. Remember that insecurities surely define you like clothes define a person’s status and wealth and social class but like clothes they can be stripped away. They aren’t permanent.

Find a Creative Medium

Art is all about self-expression. As mentioned previously, you need to challenge your insecurities head on if you want to get rid of them or make peace with them. So do that one must start expressing himself and what better way than art. Theatre, dance, drawing, music, public speaking, judo, karate, these are all forms of art that are there to help you express your inner feelings and desires. Do any one of them and you should see for yourself, the seeds of change begin to sprout inside of you.


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