Invisible Chains

Who doesn’t love FIFTY SHADES OF GREY? A romance depicting the perfect orthodox love-story between a neurotic beau and a timid girl who attempts to cure him through unconditional ‘love’ (submission)?


  1. Everything is NOT fair in so called “love” . Even our society normalizes that “control” and call it “care” . There is a visible difference between the two. In ANY sort of relationship there should be concept of personal space, will , consent , plus “i am free to do what i want to” and if the other person loves me he SHOULD give respect first.

  2. It’s a well written Article,keep spreading your words.we would Love to read them.

    Here are some points which I want to highlight.

    In Love,each partner should know the likes and dislikes of each other,trying not to do the things which your partner dislike.
    Relationship does’t means that you isolate yourself from rest of the society,friends and others.
    Giving “space” to your lover matters a lot,the other person should freely spend time with others because it’s not war where you capture the place and you became the owner ,it’s a relationship in which each have the freedom to spend time where ever they want.
    The behavior like a investigation officer,checking contacts,messages or spying of your partner is a sign that you are in controlling or abusive relationship.please get out of it.
    Patience,tolerance and respect for each others point of view must be present in a relationship.
    We are human beings (emotional beings),All of us have weakness and strengths, good and bad points, we must understand that thing,as unconditional love is accepting the person with all its flaws and strengths.
    We all do mistakes,but forgiving mistakes and understanding each other can make a good relationship.

  3. Applauds on your work…
    And this is actually what 70%of our girls are going through .Having the iillusion that a man’s aggressive behavior or demanding nature is his way to communicate love …!! And the irony of the fact is that they love to sacrifice themselves ..even if it means for a lifetime…!

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