Is Gender Segregation In Schools Really The Right Answer?

Will separation really solve all societal concerns?

It is an opinion widely held that the only way to save the disintegrating morals of today’s youth is to separate the two sexes in educational institutions.

After all, if there is no interaction between those of the opposite sex, they won’t have time to engage in the many immoral deeds that society frowns upon

– and while it seems the solution to many people around us, we need to understand the implications this segregation will have on the youth, their learning ability, social development and its ramifications on their future.

A lot of significant socio-political events brought about the advent of such outlandish ideas;

the #metoo movement, for example, is trying to unveil those who have managed to get away with harassment and assault and helping people clearly understand their rights and the legal action they can take against those who have wronged them.

Amidst all this, many people came up with the age-old idea of segregation in an attempt to put an end to any interaction between the two sexes and to, therefore, stop such allegations and cases from springing up. Clearly, a stroke of genius, if you ask this author.

What particularly baffles this author about the concept of segregation in classrooms is how many people support such drastic measures to be taken but will not want their child to understand their rights, an initiative that is not only simple and practical but also has no serious effects on their social learning and future.

So you’d rather your child not have any interaction with the opposite sex than actually educate them and raise awareness on such an important topic. Sounds like a stretch, but okay!

And how can one forget those who think segregation will put an end to every immorality that we supposedly see in educational institutions of today? If you think ending your child’s interaction to those of the opposite sex will in some way guarantee that they will not indulge in smoking, alcohol, drugs, and sex, then clearly, you’re laboring under a serious misapprehension.

Think about what this will mean for the youth, an entire generation crippled by a limited social understanding and trapped within the confines of their myopic thinking.

Not only is your child never going to be able to talk to the opposite sex but is likely to fail in their career since you can’t segregate workplaces and in the end, social interaction is what contributes to our civilization’s advancement. If your child doesn’t learn societal etiquette simply because of your fears then you’re contributing to your child’s stunted psychological growth.

Whenever governments employed segregation in the past, the consequences have been horrifying no matter what the segregation was based on, whether it be sex or race or any such factor. If your child learns in a classroom with people that are similar to them based on race, sex, age and so on, how can you expect them to learn creative, analytical thinking?

It’s a proven fact that in classrooms with a balanced proportion of boys and girls, children are bound to learn better since the exchange of ideas is not only more effective to problem-solving but it also helps children identify the different forms of thinking and even evaluate different point of views!

It’s high time we stop using old, redundant ideas that have been proven to be fruitless and ineffective and start welcoming this new wave of rationality and growth in our society.

Embrace the spread of awareness and you will find for yourself, a better place to live.

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