Is Homeschooling Really The Answer To Your Social School Issues?

Deciding to homeschool isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of courage and commitment to homeschool a child. His/her future is dependent upon how well you do the job so it isn’t a decision to take lightly. Of course, both public school and homeschools have their pros and cons — as well as extremes at either end. There are good schools and bad, and good homeschools and bad — most fall somewhere in the middle!

Certain homeschooling cons usually spring to mind (such as socialization!), but these are often myths about homeschooling perpetuated by people who don’t really understand how homeschool works.

There really are negative aspects of homeschooling, but they may not be quite what you expect.

I’ve got your back!

Overcoming the negative aspects you face when you homeschool can seem daunting. But let’s take each problem in turn, and look for solutions.

Parents immediately face financial disadvantages when they decide to homeschool because one parent must stay at home. But the costs of teaching your children at home can by minimized. Specially with an almost non-existent trend of homeschooling in Pakistan this teacher hunting might become more difficult.

This is always a big worry to parents. But there has been research into socialization and homeschooled children are generally well-adapted. There are ways to overcome the social disadvantages of homeschooling such as increasing peer interaction outside of the academic spheres i.e with close knitted family members and friends.

Criticism from others
Another disadvantage is facing criticism and negative comments from others when you tell them of your decision. It is important to carefully research the pros and cons of homeschooling so that you can feel confident about your decision – and rebuff arguments against it. Criticism should never hold you back but just to give you a heads up, if t does bother, know that your pros outweigh the cons.

What parent doesn’t worry about their child’s education? And homeschoolers have it bad! I find that reading the stories of other homeschooling moms really helps parents feel more comfortable about what they’re opting for their kids.

Knowing where to start
It is easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. But there is lots of advice and information available for those about to start homeschooling. ALWAYS. DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. This pretty much goes for all things you do in life but you obviously had reasons good enough to not go to public school. Know that despite all worrying and pressure, it’s still a best case scenario for you.

Finding the Best Resources
We all want to use the best resources, but there is so much available, how do you pick the best? Take a deep breath and check out different tutors for each subject. Financially it’s better off for you because schools mostly charge for co-curricular activities and additional services, you can either take advantage of low costs of homeschooling or invest that money in finding the best teachers in town.

Finding the time
Taking the time to teach your children, on top of all the other things you need to do, can be hard work. But you can be flexible with your homeschool scheduling.

One of the major disadvantages of homeschooling in the beginning is a sense of isolation. There are other homeschoolers out there – you just have to find them! Again; communication is key, never forget to go out once in a while.

Trying to do too much in your homeschool will set you up for a major case of homeschool burnout. Take some time to learn how to keep homeschool and life in balance.

Weigh out your decision by having complete knowledge so you make an informed decision. Say hello to no regrets.

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