Is Modern Dating Synonymous For Hookups?

From the age of handwritten letters to swiping right/left on your potential match, dating apps have to be one the most best yet controversial addition to the dating life. Dating apps have quite recently hit the Pakistani dating circles and people are making use of it.

The Pakistani dating app audience comprises of one, the beginners; people who are simply curious to know what it’s like, two, the divorcees; this is a pretty straightforward lot who know that they are looking to settle, three, the confused teenagers; people from this category want to use dating apps but don’t know what they want from it.

Now if you are someone who doesn’t fit any of this category then navigating through them can be a bit of a task. There are people who don’t want anything from it and there are those who don’t KNOW what they want from a dating apps, people with clarity are more likely to get stuck.

However, you can find yourself a committed romantic relationship on dating apps. For now there are three popular dating apps here in Pakistan; Tindr, Bumble and Grindr (for the queer community).

To start off, Bumble is based on respect where women make the first move, subverting gender power imbalances.

A feature, that will be going live this June, is another reason that makes Bumble safer to use as compared to Facebook and other dating apps. Their d*ck pic detection, aka “Private Detector” will get rid of all those unsolicited genitalia pictures. Apart from this, around 85 percent of Bumble users are either looking for a marriage of a committed relationship, according to a survey.

Bumble even allows you to specify what you are looking for. They recognize that everyone has different interests and to save people time, they want their users to be more honest and upfront about what they desire. You can do so by customizing your Bumble profile badges. In countries abroad, Bumble has officiated a lot of marriages, hearing from users how they helped them find their love. In one instance, one user even pulled out her phone to show a picture of her Bumble baby to Williamson.

Tindr has earned itself a reputation for primarily hookups. Swipe right, match, engage in nothing serious and then back to square one. This is mainly because due to Tindr earning that sort of reputation, people who are less likely to be looking for something serious are more likely to join it. The users, especially, millennials have also made a conscious decision to be single. This pool greatly involves teenagers who are looking to experiment or even build casual friendships.

Then comes Grindr which is specifically for the queer community is more frequently used as compared to other dating apps. It is a safe place for the queers to find their own people as those spaces are not given publicly. But this isn’t all hookups either as recently my friend found himself in a loving, romantic relationship through Grindr, so there’s hope for you too!

Dating apps aren’t all about hookups but we still think that Bumble is your best bet so far. One thing that will surely ease the process is that you need to be more honest about what you want beforehand however, if your desires change later then we are not taking responsibility for it!

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