It takes two to make a child, so why is only one raising them?

Naturally, a family is made up of mother, father, and children. Children are supposed to be raised by both parents, and we all accept that father and mother have vital roles in upbringing their children into potential and useful people to contribute to social development. However, it is quite challenging if we want to compare whether the mother or father is more important. What if the mother is more important, is she has to assume more responsibility, or what if the father is, ought he to assume more? On my point of view, in no account should parents assume unequal responsibility due to children development sake, the difficulty of raising children, and family happiness.

A child’s health and well-being are important and also contribute to a healthy, productive adolescence and adulthood. Parents can play an important role in helping their children use or strengthen behaviors, skills, attitudes, and motivation that promote their physical and mental health and overall well being in childhood, adolescence and well into their adulthood. As you grow up, you are taught many life lessons from your experienced parents. Your parents’ duty is to nurture you so that you can grow up to become a person who is strong and able to support oneself. Parents must realize that when it comes to raising a child, they both must put in an equal amount of effort so that the child learns new things, prevents family breakdowns or arguments and prevents the child from straying off the ‘right’ path as they say.

It is a typical situation where the father is the one who is assumed as not being a part of raising their child.

Raising children is not an easy task. When they were babies, from milk, food, cloth, cleaning, learning to walk, or sleep is all stressful. They are twenty-four hours needed to be taken care of. What if the baby gets sick, not only money that you have to pay but also the nervousness you encounter. As they grow up and go to school, more thing parents need to concern whether they study well, make friend with a gangster, play school truant, or eat something unhealthy.

Furthermore, every child is different, using the old way to teach children will not work with your own children.

You need more time to observe them and choose the best way. In an article I read online, mentions taking care children is extremely hard, and a wrong way of teaching children is frustrating for you as well as the child. Raising the child alone is even tougher. Mother or father alone can’t handle those stresses. Remember besides your children who need care, you yourself also need to rest. You need a partner who can give encouragement and warm. Nevertheless, with both parents share responsibility, thing is solved.

Last but not least, that both parents share equal responsibility increases family happiness. The more time you are with each other, the more understanding you have for each other. Everyone in the family feels close and warm. It brings peaceful environment to children as well the whole family.

My counterpart might say that parents can’t share equal responsibility because father is busier at work to own for the living. He doesn’t have time to take care of their children. Mother needs to be responsible for it. This argument has some merit on the surface. Remember marriage is not all our sharing task to do, but love. Work at house, taking care of the baby and household, is much more stressful than the job outside. In addition, everyone is busy; it is just the matter of how you manage your time, and what if the mother, unfortunately, passes away, who will take care of our children? How could you support to take care of them when you and they are almost strangers? If father don’t have time for his children, it will reduce the family happiness.

To sum up, because of the interest in children’s development, the stress of raising children, and the family satisfaction, sharing equal responsibility is a must. Every parent should take this into consideration because children are weak and innocent they need both cares and support to help them accept the new thing, learn the social value, and meet with the social expectation.

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