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It’s 2019 And Yasir Hussain’s HUMOUR Is Still Problematic

In a place like Pakistan, you can never run out of problematic guys. But you would expect better from men who are at least educated but uh-huh, nope. And, this time Yasir Hussain seemed to top the charts.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Yasir Hussain said something that triggered so many people and rightfully so. However, this time it was a bit more confusing.

Yasir Hussain is set to play the role of a transgender.

From running a talent agency to getting roles in the industry, Yasir knows his way around the media market quite well. Recently, he announced that for his upcoming project he would be playing the role of a transgender in an Eid telefilm for ARY. While he got an appreciation for playing such a role, others were confused as there are enough people in the transgender community who could do a far better job, and as far as the representation goes, who could do better justice than the person who is that? And if any of you were to come at me with rebuttals like they wouldn’t be willing, well, we do have a transgendered news anchor and as well as people like Kami Sid who are changing the narrative for their community.

However, all of this is another discussion and we are not as saddened by the misrepresentation but the remark that Yasir Hussain just made.

But before I get into this, I would like to remind you of Yasir’s problematic behavior from the past.

For those of you who aren’t aware, back in 2017 at the Hum Awards, he made a lewd joke about child molestation and got away with it without anyone batting an eye on him. Despite having an audience of educated and woke celebrities, you could hear a few of them laughing as well.

His recent comment was far worse.

When Yasir took to Instagram to tell everyone about his upcoming project, someone asked a pertinent question that could have led to a very important debate regarding representation but instead of realizing the importance of it, Yasir being Yasir chose to pass a transphobic comment.

His response is the reason why we DON’T want cisgendered population representing sexuality that they are not.

You are supposedly an educated man, heck, you are representing the community that you are so openly mocking. We are pretty sure your role must have required you to do some research beforehand so you must be aware of all the plights of this marginalized community and the torture they face on a daily basis. If despite knowing all this you can’t be empathetic and would rather reduce their identity to a slur then everyone knows that you shouldn’t be playing this role at all.

It is 2019 folks and we are not letting this behavior be normalized. It is time to set some things straight and draw a few lines. People have been mocking and degrading others in the name of humor but it is time we realize the baggage our smallest of insults carry.

What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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