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It’s Not Your Fault – Stop blaming the victims

This isn’t something unique that’s suddenly sprung up from an unknown corner of the deep, dark web. It’s always been present among us, slithering its scaly tentacles across the backs of our minds: we are all guilty of inquiring about the character of the victim, at least once.

When it comes to rape, molestation, murder etc, we always focus more on blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator or the crime, or the nature of the crime itself. For women, it’s always the same old questions:

  • What was she wearing?
  • Why was she there?
  • Why was she alone?
  • Did she know the perp?

The general public delves into the critical analyses of the victim, leaving no chance to tarnish her reputation, to question her morality and ethics. When it’s a male;

  • He should’ve enjoyed it, why didn’t he?
  • If a man can’t even defend himself, is he even worth being called a man?
  • What a weakling, maybe we should try testing him?
  • Is he gay? He’s lying, he must have liked it.
  • It was a dispute between “friends.”

This toxic masculinity is getting out of hand: men are not supreme beings; they have emotions, feelings and can be hurt just as much as a woman can.

We must stop blaming the victims, and work to desecrate evils in the society which lead us to harm one another. The victim never asked for what they are put through, either by the criminal or by their community. There isn’t a single man, woman or transgender who has ever asked to be raped, molested or murdered. They have never given mixed signals, or have led the perpetrator to commit crimes.

There isn’t a child in the world who asked to be abused. You won’t find any that liked being forced into sexual slavery or pornography either.

Rather than inquiring the whereabouts, clothing, and character of the victim, we must punish tyrants who play with innocent lives accordingly and work towards the eradication of crime.

And remember, it was not your fault. People will lead you to believe that you encouraged some sort of behavior in whoever hurt you, but you did not. It is all on them, not you.

Never you.


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