It’s Only A Game

Playing with Uncle Asif

“Come play with me Amina,”

My 30 years old married uncle said. Asif uncle was your usual easy going, fun uncle who was always the center of attention: cracking the best jokes and always having the biggest smile on his face from one cheek to the other. When you were around him you couldn’t help but laugh at his unusual way of talking and how he gazed at you so differently. My cousins never experienced it but I knew I was special because I was Asif uncles “gulaab jamun” as he used to refer to me. I loved playing with him because he always made sure I never got hurt and he always got me ice cream afterwards.

Family members are allowed to have fun with your children but boundaries should exist.

 “Come play with me Amina,”

I shrieked in delight. It was time to play his game again.
“I’m coming uncle!” I replied back. I started to gallop towards Asif uncle’s room but I hadn’t even taken more than a few steps when I stopped dead in my tracks. I slowly turned around and proceeded to look back at the homework that lay on my table and my smile turned into a frown. Mom had told me to finish my work before doing anything else. I didn’t want to make Asif uncle wait but I really had no choice. Mom would kill me if she found out I hadn’t finished my homework.

“Kya howa meray gulaab jamun ko?” (What happened my dear gulaab jamun?) Asif uncle inquired me when I hadn’t come downstairs on the double like usual. “Don’t you want your favourite strawberry ice cream, hain?” He smirked. I giggled. “Nahi Asif uncle. Mera na ye homework rehta hai. Aur agar maynay ye poora na kiya to Ami mujhay dantain gi.” (No Asif uncle. Basically, I have this homework left and if I do not finish it my mom will punish me) He laughed in his deep voice. “Is may kya masla hai beta. May houn na. Ao may madad kar deta houn.” (That’s no issue child. I am here alright. I will help you finish it)

Within minutes I was done with my homework and I cheerfully hugged Asif Uncle.

“Asif uncle really is the best”

“Chalo I’ll be waiting downstairs, aajana okay?” (I’ll be waiting downstairs, Come quickly, okay?)

“Yes, uncle. Gimme 5.”

Asif uncle went back downstairs and I sprinted to the washroom for a quick bath –just as he liked it, clean and hygienic. I could hear Asif uncle calling me again. “I’m coming. I’m coming!!” I could wait no more. I tore my closet door open and wore the first thing I saw: a Barbie zipper shirt with black tights. It was a tight fit but that was alright. I didn’t want to make Asif uncle wait any longer.

I was almost about to charge downstairs but then I had the best idea to frighten Asif uncle. And so, I silently tiptoed my way to Asif uncle’s room. I tried to open the door as silently as possible but Asif uncle was vigilant and mindful of every detail. “I know you are there Amina.”

“Oh come on uncle, you ruin all the fun.”

“Haha I’m sorry Amina. It’s just that this game is only for you, you know that right. I don’t want anyone to know about it.”

He winked. I smiled in glee.

He then proceeded to run his fingers over my back and…


My zipper was opened.

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