Jami and The Sketches Join #TeamMeesha, LSA Can Kiss Our Ass Goodbye!

While the public is still divided between the how and the who and the what of this court case gone viral come to our first #Metoo movement success story, we have the industry picking sides and choosing their values. The split has us all at the edge of the seats because never has our industry even been so vocal, so powerful and so convinced about a cause like this one, and sexual harassers are finally getting served.

Although nothing, NOTHING, ever can undo the pain, torture, and attack that a victim of sexual harassment feels, having people come together and support really does ease the pressure to prove that your vulnerability was preyed on, it was attacked, it was intruded, it helps in making the perpetrator pay, it helps in preventing the misfortuned, and at any cost unacceptable act to happen to someone else ever again, to a great extent. And we, are all for it!

The Sketches dropped out, yes, that is right! The band, which was nominated in four categories has ‘withdrawn’ all nominations, said their official statement. The statement read that “the band holds values and principles, which, we will not bend for any award.”

We will collectively stand together to challenge the current social norm that sexual abuse and misconduct can be swept under the carpet for an award for a few minutes of fame and underscored that such decisions reveal who among the individuals and organisations “decide whether they stand with the oppressed or the oppressor.

Generation released a press release saying it does not want to be associated with LSA 2019, Bagfrede stepped down, Eman Suleman’s Public Boycott of Lux Style Awards 2019 started the chain reaction, the LSA-Spring I want to call it, and this is taking a good turn with Jami hoping on the bandwagon and screaming a big fat no to those who are indifferent to a harassers conduct, those who wish to praise him for being a star, which in essence translates to those who feel like you can win an award for whatever category despite being unapologetic and shameless not only in a court of law but also in public and on social media, despite your sick-ass behavior. And this attitude is exactly why LSA 2019, is in a constant debacle and the middle of public scrutiny because how dare it to try and undo the voice of a victim, the courage of a superwoman, the might of the women empowerment and the very cry of the #metoo outreach.

Meesha Shafi herself withdrew her name from the nominees, saying she wanted no part of it. The director-dearest of Operation 021 shared a few images of his award being left on the road as a sign of protest against the LSAs. Jami also directed one of the best critically acclaimed movies of the lot, Moor, and this is some serious stuff man, considering Luc Style Awards are like the one awards out of 3 or 4 that happen every year in our industry.

And this is why we are so happy and in love with the age of digital media. Unilever what u doing bro? Where the fuck is your mind at? How can you let a brand from you to applaud a harasser? Do you believe that it is okay to harass people? Harass women? This is a big statement from a big gun and we are proud of you Jami!

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