Just How Much Influence Television Has

The Influence of Television is a source for top entertainment adored by all ages but the programs are influencing the eyes of the viewers both in a good and bad way. Violence, sex, and bad language are currently shown at earlier and earlier times, leaving especially children prone to mature viewing.

With the television the most watched object in the country, it is not a surprise that nearly everyone has one in their homes. Due to such expectations from the high attendance, each channel must broadcast whatever will make them the most money.


Nowadays, it is difficult to predict the maturity of the children as there is such a wide range. So in order to be safe, and not sorry, the broadcasters must expect the viewers to be younger than they really are. This could eventually reduce any adult material in any program. Also depending on the maturity of the children, one could react to adult material in a better way than another could.

But isn’t television watched in order to get away from our boring lives? Don’t we stare at the television, hours on end, to watch the Warrior Princess beat the evil dragon and gain the love of the Prince? We don’t want to see normal everyday events.

Although there is a lack of educational programs, that doesn’t mean the people aren’t learning anything. The wide range of sport broadcasted encourages watchers to participate in hobbies. Other shows help youths to deal with social problems from unlikely scenes in Eastenders about drugs, sex, and everyday problems. It is a moral tutor, guiding us through life.

Brain Washed

With all the magical and graphic shows on television people surely must be expanding their imagination and creativity. In the later future, these ideas will build the next generation for the better.

Why are the broadcasters being blamed for what is on television when it is the parent’s fault to let their children watch whatever is being aired on TV.

Since watching a TV is so attractive, people read fewer books or even do not read them at all, spend less time on fresh air, and communicate with other people in person rarely.

But neither television can fully substitute normal bidirectional communication nor it can replace book reading, and for sure it cannot anyhow replace spending time outdoors.

So, the television may negatively influence the mental, social, and physical health of a nation.

Summarizing, the television has changed human life in many a way, both positively and negatively. It opened a new quick and cheap way to obtain new information while leaving to the viewer to decide what programs and in which amounts to watch.

 I consider this decision well, television will only make life more comfortable and the pace of life quicker with no negative impact.

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