KahaniSaaz Is Set On Bringing Quality Content To Our Cinema Screens Soon!

Nowadays, in the world of a fast growing social media influence over our everyday lives, increased competition has led to media houses and platforms pushing out content after content laden with controversies and scandal to rake in the views. Because let’s face it that’s what gets us the ads.

It seems that most are willing to let the money making process outweigh the desire to create quality content. However, there is one platform that’s determined to do things differently with their focus on the content. KahaniSaaz, which is a film making startup and as per their Facebook Page, it is a “channel for quality content and meaningful entertainment. Setting new standards in the entertainment industry. Kahanisaaz’ spectrum range from philosophy to comedy. Its a new wave cinema.”

Source; KahaniSaaz

As per a news report by Pakistan Today, the startup already has 6 short films under its belt even though they just made themselves public on the 19th of April 2019, at an event called, “Qissa-e-Kahanisaaz” which was held at Olomopolo. With genres as diverse as romance to comedy to philosophy, the company is determined to change the hyped and viral content driven culture of our film and theater industry.

The idea for the startup came into being when it’s Founder and Producer, Naveed Akbar realized that there was a lot of raw and unidentified talent within the youth of the nation which was never actualized due to a lack of the adequate platforms. While conducting a workshop on acting, he decided to make KahaniSaaz that very platform and after a year, he got together with his students, Affan-ul-Haq and Fatima Asad and started working on giving that talent a voice via music videos and short films.

Source; KahaniSaaz

The company releases its work, which includes short films, plays, and even music videos via it’s YouTube channel with one released per month. The team consists of young and emerging artists who are passionate about producing good quality content.

Their introductory video is an amalgamation of all their work till now and is titled ‘KahaniSaaz, The Journey Begins’ and is available on YouTube;

In a statement the Co-Founder and Director at KahaniSaaz, Fatima Asad, had complete confidence in the startup’s work, stating that viewer’s reviews were expected to be good. She said:

“Our work speaks for itself. We are focusing on the audience that has been neglected by the entertainment industry of Pakistan so far. Either you see oppressed women buried in a bottomless pit of abuse and violence or you see meaningless stuff going viral. But we at KahaniSaaz have something unique to give to the audience.”

As per Akbar,

“KahaniSaaz is a place where intellect meets talent and excellence meets new standards. It is a place for actors, directors, writers, singers, musicians and all the creative minds that see the world from a different perspective. We want to represent the thoughts and psyche of a common man through our work.”

The next goal is to make a name for themselves in the mainstream media industry according to Fatima Asad, “We want to represent Pakistan on both national and international level. It is also a small step by us towards reviving the film industry of Lahore, the origin of Lollywood.”

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  1. thankyou zipit for appreciating kahani saaz. KahaniSaaz’s short films are worth watching. Our firts short film, Changezi Mohabbat is out on our YouTube channel. It’s love story talking about mysterious nature of love. Would love to hear your feedback on it. I am sure you will find it to be a wonderful piece of art and like the cinematography.

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