Let’s Bust Some Pregnancy Myths!

Whether you believe in certain old wives tales or not, being pregnant brings a lot of doubts, confusions and fears into your mind.

Sometimes we want to believe in some because that’s what we’ve been growing up hearing, however, to ensure that your 9 months pass by peacefully, it is important to bust some archaic and age old myths surrounding pregnancy.

How the baby is positioned in the womb is a hint at their sex.

FALSE. This is one of the most pervasive myths that desi aunties just love to throw around. However, no, the way the baby is positioned inside will not give you any clues as to whether it’s a boy or a girl. If you really must know, wait for the ultrasound to confirm the news factually.

This myth can cause real distress in pregnant women as they are pushed to keep checking things like how the line near the navel stretches and if the baby is high up in the abdomen or not.  These archaic methods are toxic and need to be stopped.

Source; Huggies

Women should eat for two during their pregnancy.

False. Yet, again, this is another really old myth that does more harm than good. Studies show that pregnant women require only 300 more calories per day as opposed to the rest of us. Eating for two is just plain unhealthy and is one reason why losing weight after having your child is way harder for some women.

Don’t take hot baths while pregnant.

True. This one actually has some truth to it as  according to specialists, pregnant women should avoid any activity that can raise their body temperature over 100 degrees. This includes hot baths, showers and even saunas. 

Dying hair during pregnancy harms the fetus.

True and False. While colouring your hair in itself will cause no damage the baby, there are chances that the toxic fumes and ammonia that a mother may inhale during the dye process affects both mother and child. Therefore as long as it’s done with care, this myth’s a bust.

You shouldn’t fly during your first or last trimester as it harms the fetus.

False. This is one myth that scares pregnant women the most but has really been perpetuated by the policy of most airlines that do not allow pregnant women on board due to the fear that they’ll go into labour and cause inconvenience for other passengers. While your pregnancy shouldn’t limit you from things like travelling, exercising a little caution, especially in your final stages is not bad. 

If the fetus listens to classical music, it will raise their IQ.

True and false. There are some researches that establish a correlation between the therapeutic effect classical music may have on your child during and after pregnancy, however it would be a bit far fetched to claim that this action will make your child a genius like Mozart. The important thing to remember is that many “credible” researches and studies are funded by someone who will benefit off of them in some way and therefore not all seemingly scientific answers should be trusted. 

Having sex while pregnant is harmful for both mother and child.

False. For sure. There is nothing wrong with engaging in safe sex practices during pregnancy although it should be lessened in the last trimester as a precaution. This is even permissible in Islam as long as it causes no harm to either.

Having a child does not mean that your life and who you are as a person should end. It is a daunting and simultaneously beautiful experience but going in equipped with the right kind of facts is always a good thing.

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