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Life in my Shoes

Gray or Grey?

“Beep beep”

“5 more minutes.. mhmm”


“Yeah yeah. 5 more minutes…”


“HUH! Wha- what’s going on? What am I?”

“You are late. That’s what you are.” My sister calmly replied while putting down a dripping bucket.

“What’s the bucket for?” I asked her shivering from the cold.

Well, you weren’t waking up so I decided to bring things up a notch.” She smirked.

I at once understood what she had the audacity to do. In fury, I tried to grab at her collar but she hysterically laughed and ran downstairs to mom’s comfort. I grunted in discomfort then proceeded to step out of the wet bed. It was then that my eye spotted the clock and the time it was showing.

7:35 am.

Late. I was late. So that’s what she had meant I thought to myself, I bit my lip. I didn’t have much time. I searched my closet for my uniform but couldn’t find it anywhere. I screamed, “MOM WHERE IS MY UNIFORM!?”

My mom replied back, “It’s in the cupboard dear. Right in front.”

“It’s not here MOM,” I grunted. I looked at the clock.

7:40 am.

Can you see what I see, how I see it?

I proceeded to grab the blue pant that lay right in front of me. I examined it thoroughly. “Ugh my teacher is going to give me a slip for not wearing the right uniform”, I thought to myself. I shrugged and quickly changed. I ran downstairs to grab my bag and breakfast and was out in no less than 30 seconds. I couldn’t even properly hear my mom when she looked at me saying, “Gosh darling you look beautiful in that grey-” Grey what, I laughed out loud running towards my school. I was wearing no grey. A white shirt, red tie with blue pants and black shoes. I wonder if she was going old and seeing things now or was it my hearing that was going bad.

“Diiiiing Doooooong” chimed the school bell. I barely made it in time but it was the “barely on time” who suffered the most as we encountered the harshest of uniform checking. I gulped in fright as I saw that my Math teacher was on duty today and boy oh boy, you don’t ever want to get on his bad side. I swear to God while I was passing under his eyes being examined from head to toe I knew I was going to be punished wearing the wrong pant but.. but… but he let me go. HE DIDN’T SAY A THING. I looked at him in disbelief as if he had just let a murderer go. He looked at me again and a sudden chill ran down my spine. I galloped towards my class praying that whatever power had shielded his eyes from seeing my wrong pant covers everyone eyes.

I entered class expecting to be the laughing stock but no one noticed. It was as if all my prayers were coming true. FIRST DAY of high school. FIRST DAY when I had a uniform enforced on me. The very first day I had worn the wrong uniform and no one noticed.

“God how lucky I am!”, I thought to myself.

Little did I knew that I was just a little just color blind.

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