Little Joys in Life

It's not always about a major thing






He rapidly gunned at the keyboard with such speed that one could feel the intense heat from a mile away although if there was anyone even an inch closer to him they would have noticed that as Daniyal typed away the keyboard, he was writing gibberish and nothing more.

His boss had just passed him and given him one of the worst looks possible so he needed to show that he was working and get a good image of himself portrayed across. He needed a good reputation for more money and he needed more money because the endeavor he planned to undertake required a bonus. The better the reputation, the more the money and the more easily he will attain success. Such a simple equation but one that required much effort for Daniyal wasn’t that good in mathematics, especially equations.




Once more he continued to type out gibberish to get the clicking of the keyboard keys and the movement of mouse heard throughout the empty not halls of the office where a thousand plus people (much exaggerated) stood shouting and swearing their heart out (only if they could). He fake sweated his pores out and kept on rubbing a tissue on his dry forehead and dipping it with water then smearing it all over his face. He tried to fake cry and produce alligator tears, but utterly failed, yet he shouted “Eureka” in utter fake delight to get some message across.

Fortunately, his boss was too busy to notice his antics and she kept on ignoring the cacophony that was bugging her. (Yeesh)



His typing speed lowered when he saw that his boss had finally entered her room. He was out of the danger zone. He wiped the water away from his forehead and applied some perfume and sprayed some air freshener to get the weird smell out. Someone had silently farted and he did not appreciate it.


He typed even slower and started daydreaming about the cash and how it was the final ingredient he needed to put in his cauldron and complete the potion of happiness. One final ingredient but also the final obstacle to earning money isn’t as easy as it would be for other more hardworking or smart individuals. Not only was Daniyal lazy, he procrastinated a lot and he could never finish his work on time. Moreover, his pay was always reduced due to his inefficiency at work but today.

No matter what.

Today he was going to change all this and complete his objective because today wasn’t going to come ever again. Today was it. Today he was going to do it. Today was THE day.


His typing speed haphazardly increased when he saw that his boss had resurfaced. This was it. This was the final straw. One final time.


With each click, the boss came closer. With each click, the tension in the air remained the same. His plan was foolproof and there was nothing that was going to come in his way.

Skhdkshdlks *click* *click* *click*

The boss was now next to him, seeing the Wikipedia page that was opened and felt proud of having hired Daniyal. She looked at him, felt generous and handed him a one dollar bill and left saying: “Go. Enjoy your day”

Daniyal screamed. His internship was finally paying off.
He now had enough money to buy a cinema ticket!

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