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Lost Hope


Silence everywhere but sirens are ringing inside my head.

It is 5:00am.

What’s so special about 5:00am today you ask?

The results for O and A Level students have officially been released and I being one of them am having an anxiety rush at this time of the day.

Although I may be experiencing severe anxiety of sorts concerning what results I will see on my report card when I go to my school to receive it, I being a level headed individual, decide to relax.

I begin by offering the Fajr prayer and then staying in sajdah for a good long 5 minutes till my arms and knees cannot bear my weight no more and I am forced to get up and finish my prayer. I feel like I could have extended my dua and maybe that would improve my grade but I put such rubbish thought aside. What I get will be the fruit of the work I did. God is not there to change grades but He is there to help this time pass and help us accept the result we get and pave for us a better way for the future.

I still have quite a lot of time to waste (6 hours to be specific) so I decide to go see the sunrise which might uplift my moods.

I slowly and silently navigate my way to the roof, whilst making sure I disturb no one and accidentally wake anyone up at this wee hour. When I reach the roof I’m all but not in awe.

The sunrise that I had kind of been looking forward to now was probably not going to happen seeing the dreary clouds that were all over. I shrugged in boredom and was about to make my way downstairs when I heard “BOOM.” I bit my lip.

A transformer had blown.

Contemplating my next move, I just sat down on the roof seeing that downstairs will be hot so it’s better to stay up here where it’s a bit windy.

The minute hand ticks away on my phone to no avail. The sun hasn’t shown itself although the nearby chicken’s cacophony isn’t seizing. I give out a sigh in disbelief. Gosh was this a bad way to start a much anticipated day.

It was then the winds of change blew (clichéd and cringy I know).

Suddenly, the light came back and everything was up and running again. I could once more hear the AC whirring away in the background. I smiled to myself silently. All hope wasn’t lost, I thought to myself. Then I turned my head up high and for the first time saw a yellow dot peeking out of a cotton ball.

That is when I realized.

Hope is always in front of us. Like the sun. Only on some days, it is hidden by obstacles and issues which make us feel despair but we should remember that although the clouds may try to hide the sun, the sun will always rise no matter what, whether we can see it or not. The sun will always rise. It is our job to be patient for the clouds to give way and part for us to see the sun rather than start crying in disbelief that the sun didn’t rise today.

Please open your ears and listen well: There is always hope. It doesn’t matter whether you can see it or not, whether it is in your grasp or not. What matters is how patient you are ready to be before giving up only if you did know that hope was always but right in front of you and if not now then surely soon it will show itself and give you such new profound energy you never believed you had inside yourself. Furthermore, Grades do matter but they are not the end of the road. A journey doesn’t end at a dead-end. You try out different routes to avoid that dead-end, similarly if not academics you will certainly have a specific ability or skill only you are good at and you have your life to trial and experiment so take it easy.

You will find out how even you can make a mark on this world and be remembered forever. Believe in yourself.

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