Money = Everything?

What is your answer to the question?

 Is Money everything? A question most of us ponder over quite frequently, while some admittedly wouldn’t want to but here we are about to discuss a question most of us don’t even have a choice in saying anything in. A question of privilege one might say.

A major perspective is that: everything has a price. If you pay close enough attention to the world around you, you should notice every action has an equal but opposite reaction, a consequence, some kind of cost. Money is used simply an easily identifiable cost that’s universally recognized which helps eliminate esoteric or impractically specific costs.

Some trust that money is a portrayal of a much different thing and has no inherent value. How much something costs is really exhibited so to speak how much time one trusts they should commit to an objective or task. The more time one feels to give to a task the more money it should have (Quite contradictory in few exceptional cases but yes, that’s the general mindset). The reason the expression “Time is Money” is promoted is on account of time, truly is cash, or rather the Time-Value of Money, is an undeniable thing in which cash dependably gains an incentive after some time.

On the other hand, some believe that truly cash is everything. Imagine a man that originated from a poor background with no privileges of any sort, cash is the basic piece of his life. It decides his personal satisfaction, it decides his mentality, it constructs his confidence with which he can discover a partner to marry and spend eternity with.

For him, cash is the extension of his diligent work. For him, cash is what brings him joy and what brings him satisfaction.

A counter for the previous argument can be that:

cash may pick provide you with sustenance, a decent place to live, and different advantages throughout everyday life, but does it provide you joy?

For that we have quite an infamous quote:

“Money cannot buy happiness.”

This statement is quite valid in many circumstances. Though money is an object and can possibly buy an object that can cause happiness, money itself cannot buy the feeling happiness Nor is cash itself satisfaction. Anything cash purchases will cause satisfaction for a few minutes or days, months, or even years but sooner or later the object which caused such satisfaction will become boring or quite mundane, completing finishing the feeling of excitement one received earlier on.

Why does this happen, you might wonder? The answer is simple. Greed. It’s human nature to be greedy and this also constitutes being greedy for happiness and to achieve that people are ready to buy more and more and spend more and more just to get the fleeting feeling of happiness again and again.

Numerous individuals out there realize that joy must be sought after by doing what you adore, and picking up cash might be the manner in which that you and others get glad. Be that as it may, for a few people, their activity is simply to live. The world does not require cash.

As we always say, as many humans there are, that many or maybe more mindsets and perspectives there are. So what’s yours? Don’t keep it zipped up.  🙂


  1. money is not every thing because it is just a part of life and does not proud of money that,it will be not expression in your mine because it shows those fake moments that dont any value in our life such as a big and uggly that show a beautifulll life

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