Saad Qureshi – Another Twisted Sadist Animal-Hater And Misogynist

This guy has been floating around the internet.

It all started when this video went viral and people started making memes based on his videos that glorify and show actual live animal cruelty that is too graphic and sick for those who know better. The result? Breaking the internet in no time, mixed opinions, worried friends, hate and sympathy.

This is beyond unacceptable and some serious next level bat shit crazy sickness. Such people are not only sociopathic they have the ability to transmit these ideas and to normalize the venom present in others like them too, causing a rapid spread of extremism and violent attitude towards change.

But, now it is time to break out of our own false state of consciousness, and getting on with actions that change the world. And we are here for that change!

Muhammad Junaid started a petition against the Saad Qureshi and urged Sindh Police to get involved to take an action. Junaid uploaded all material he found was offensive to his own drive. The convict is not only a serial pet torturer but also a disgusting pervert that needs immediate attention and treatment.

This person is horribly abusing animals, and publicly displaying his acts of extreme cruelty against voiceless innocent beings that can’t fight back. He has uploaded videos of doing these cruel acts on several animals, some of which have been removed but some are still on the profile for everyone to see, displaying him heartlessly strangling a living, innocent kitten and throwing it around remorselessly.

Are we sure he is mentally unwell?

Saad Qureshi shamelessly attacked a cat and these are just some of the examples that people are quoting all over the internet:

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When people started to make memes and call him out his friends tried to protect him by an equally sick stunt:

Another friend of his fed a cat to nearby dogs and the proof is graphic and painful to watch or even talk about:

These are not one-off events, the so-called gang takes utter joy in the torture of animals, and this on to show that we need to change this damaged, corrupt self-absorbed, sociopathic culture ASAP before more and more people internalize this culture that has been proliferating on the social media for a while.

This is becoming a norm in the circles of young local boys who have sadist affinities and this needs to stop. Let’s join our forces and us this digital age to further our cause of saving animals, humans, and society’s from the pain and torment of the clinically disturbed ones, while we still can.

Once Muhammad Junaid came across his sickness, he started a petition, and now it is growing bigger and bigger. Junaid’s goal is to get 25000 people. 8000 entries and we will actually get somewhere! The public is speaking and if you haven’t then cast your vote to be the changemaker our history craves!

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