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Mortality vs. Morality

“The longer I was mortal, the more affected I was by even the smallest loss, I hated being mortal.”

This is the analysis of a former god, stripped of his immortality for being stupid. He associated the feeling of being sensitive and emotionally active with being mortal.

Don’t you think it’s a bit too much to be associated to us, the mortal beings? The people who don’t care about other people being murdered in a suicide attack. Who can’t be bothered to relate to the poor and do something to help them?

Seriously though, if we look at our society, we would see that, put the little loss aside, we don’t even care about the big loss that we face as a society. We have become so emotionally deprived that an emotional trauma fails to traumatize us anymore.

There was a blast in the main bazaar of a populated area, a few weeks back and people are already moving on with their lives like nothing had happened. A political party would declare the day as a black day in history for the nation, and prominent political figures would give a statement about how much they are aggrieved by the unfortunate incident, and that is it.


Being mortal means you value the things that are with you for you know that they are temporary and aren’t going to last forever, but you do everything in your power to make them last as long as possible. And you grieve when they are gone.

Empathy, we lack empathy. Our entire idea of profit and loss revolves around ourselves, our petty little selves, which will be forgotten in a matter of moments after we are gone, just like we do to every stranger who dies in an attack on the street we use for our commute.

A neighbor who got fatal injuries in that attack, and he is going to die, but you don’t care because you were so busy dealing with your own life problems, regardless of the fact that you have bought every single piece of advanced technology, you have been promised to make your life easier, simpler, time-saving, and problem-solving.

The more we think about the issue, the more we realize where we stand, in our moral values and how much for granted we have taken our mortality. This needs to be changed, and there is just us who are able to do so. We need to stop taking ourselves for granted and stop letting the rest of world take us for granted.

We know our worth and we should play by it.

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