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Music Therapy

Music and it's Magic

“Music = Amazing”

Here’s why:

Clinics around the nation are utilizing music therapy as an approach to facilitate a patient’s torment, bring down circulatory strain, and lessen tension and misery, enabling patients to recuperate quicker. In a 2007 review of U.S. well being offices by the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, alongside the Joint Commission and Americans for the Arts, found that of 1,923 medicinal services offices, 35 percent offered music, of some kind, to patients. Doctor’s facilities are becoming increasingly mindful of the recuperating advantages of music treatment. The following are different investigations that were recorded in a USA Today 2008 article demonstrating the advantage of music treatment specifically cases.

Learning how to play an instrument is an extremely popular hobby.

“Severe stroke patients admitted to a hospital in Helsinki, Finland listened to recorded music for at least an hour a day.  They recovered their verbal memory faster, and experienced less depression as compared to those who listened to audio books or nothing.”  (Study published in the March 2008 issue of the journal Brain)

Untimely infants tuning in to two long periods of recorded Mozart every week had brought down their heart rate and incited rest, as indicated by analysts at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York.

“Terminally ill patients in Australia had less anxiety, pain and drowsiness after having a single music therapy session compared to those who did not listen to music.” (Study published in the May 2008 Journal of Palliative Medicine.)

Different examinations have indicated music therapy useful in the treatment of a mental imbalance, learning incapacities, dementia, and agony administration amid work and birth.

When we listen to music, our body produces hormones that elicit different emotions according to the mood of the song.

When we tune in to music we cherish, that specific tune reverberates somewhere down in our spirit and can give a space in time where all issues vanish. Music, the correct music to our loving, has a method for contacting our spirits in a profound and unobtrusive way. What’s more, the general population who revive their instruments and verses hold the power to lift our spirits. Music can breathe life into us once again from a discouraged state. We can be revived by a single inspirational melody.

Take for instance Ken Arai’s song “Next to you”, the epitome of anime music with an emotional yet refreshing melody (I’m an otaku).  The minute the piano starts to play you imagine that a multi-level story is being told and you are transferred to another universe. It is like an out of body experience.  As the song continues, the tempo remains unwavering –each proceeding second shows the introduction of a new key and new sound to harmonize with all the previous other tunes thus reinforcing the overall emotional roller coaster we are conceiving while listening to this musical piece.  The musical arrangement is one of fine complexity transparent to listeners’ yet so intense to hear that you know this tapestry of sounds forms a musical masterpiece.

Music is an addiction that’s actually healthy for you.

Songs can bring forth past relationships, superb and dismal recollections and mark specific ages like Michael Jackson’s’ Thriller of 1978. Numerous songs discuss widespread realities. No other type of inventiveness has the enduring intensity of music since it addresses us in such huge numbers of various ways – mending us, motivating us, moving us and joining us.

Music can influence us to yell, hit the dance floor and sing like stars. It can influence us to cry and top us off with delight. We can depend on music, again and again, to bring us through a world of fond memories, fuel our imagination and facilitate our agony.

Overall, music is amazing.


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