My Consciousnesses

Overlapping thoughts

Lies, lies and more lies,” hissed the voice.

All you tell me are lies. I can’t believe you anymore. You open your mouth to deceive, to betray, to backstab. I want to believe you but I can’t, I’m sorry. You have already broken my heart too many a times for it to feel anymore. If I could, I would; alas I can’t feel any more for I have become numb and you shall pay for what you did. You shall pay and there is no power of God that will stop from the judgment to rain down upon you.” My voice resonated with the voice.

No.” came back the echo from a distant corner.

No, you must learn to forgive,” sounded another indistinct voice. “You must learn to forgive and forget. People make mistakes. It’s natural. We are humans after all. You cannot expect anyone to be perfect and deliver their optimum best every single time. That is not feasible neither logical. People require space to themselves sometimes and they may commit sins out of fear or desperation. They may even employ unorthodox methods to fulfill their orders or complete their objectives but that doesn’t mean they are bad or anything you are being forced to say. People are inherently good. Believe in that,” soothed the voice.

NO” asserted the other voice. “Humans are inherently evil. We commit crimes because we are born evil and because we ourselves are embodiments of evil itself. We are products of the worst of fears and sins combined. Our worthless actions may be considered pious but our origin is from a sin we know as intercourse. It is a grave sin which makes a human dirty and we need to cleanse ourselves afterwards. When our origin is so despicable, what more there is to say that we too are despicable from birth till death?” stated the voice firmly. “He did wrong with you. End friendship with him.”

NO.” screamed the other voice. “Humans are humans because they make mistakes. No human is human if he didn’t make mistakes. You must learn to overlook such an insignificant matter and consider your friendship to be above these minute things. These will always exist but for your friendship to exist you need to make an effort. It’s now or never.”

I groaned in disbelief. Once again, my thoughts were arguing among themselves. I knew that knowledge is a thing dangerous to have but I never knew that behavioral knowledge of humans isn’t a knowledge that is so fun to have. You understand why everyone does what they do and you are able to analyze the situation much more in detail than any normal person could. It’s a good thing overall but the problem lies in the fact when you personally get involved.

You’d like to be done and over with the problem but you can’t help but view your situation from all possible angles and see the motives and causes of it and then try to understand the reasons and finally reach a conclusion, as to why someone did what they did and how should you respond. This results in your mind waging wars against it to comprehend the situation while keeping your emotions in check.

Take it from me.

The friendship I have will stay just as it is. But I will still analyze it to understand where I went wrong… for naught.


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