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My Heart Says, Nick but My Pocket Says, Joe… What Marriage Type Are You?

In a surprising chain of events, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have tied the knot this week…

Yeap, the Jonas brothers are in some kind of marriage craze where first Nick was the one to get hitched and now Joe too!

While we grew up fangirling over the Jonas Brothers, they have reached the age where they are looking to settle and as much as our teenage self would have felt devastated at this news, their fans too are at a point where they feel happy for them.

Coming back to Joe Jonas and Sophie whose wedding was almost non-existent – as compared to Nick and Priyanka’s.

Their secret wedding took place this week where they tied the knot at the famous Little White Chapel when they were there in Las Vegas to attend the Billboard Music Awards ceremony at MGM Garden Arena.

Sophie and Joe, both got engaged in 2017 and knew that Nick and Priyanka would beat them to it when it comes to getting married. But not only did Nick get married first, but his whole wedding was also the talk of the town for days.

Many people are comparing the two brothers choices where Nick made a huge spectacle out of it and Joe didn’t let anyone even know.

Nick and Priyanka’s, despite not being royals had a royal wedding. The couple booked the Umaid Bhawan Palace which has a total of 347 rooms, a full-service hotel and a museum and a total of 225 guests at their wedding, which by Western standards is quite big. Moreover, knowing Priyanka is desi, there were bound to be many functions. Not only this but there were two cultures coming together with a different set of traditions and ceremonies so everything was multiplied by two.

Apart from this, their wedding was glamorized all over the social media for days, maybe because they wanted it?

On the other hand, Joe and Sophie eloped and just decided to get married. It seems to us that it was indeed a very spontaneous decision. Joe shared two pictures of the bride on his Instagram but it wasn’t of their wedding. Although, their wedding pictures have surfaced online, thanks to Diplo who was streaming the ceremony live!


An Elvis impersonator officiated the wedding and according to him, the chapel was booked by the couple only a week in advance. So definitely spontaneous!

But this isn’t the only thing they are planning to do because they do plan on having a rather more formal wedding in Paris.

A source told Entertainment Weekly,

“Joe and Sophie are a couple that loves to have fun and live in the moment, and that’s exactly what getting hitched in Vegas was. The couple does plan to have a more formal wedding with their family and friends, but this ceremony was just fun. Joe and Sophie are planning to get married in Paris later this year.”

Amidst all of this, people were seen trolling the two siblings on Twitter

But all in all, there were many people who liked the way Joe went on with this wedding.


And, some were thanking the couple for saving them thousands because they made Las Vegas wedding look cool!

Now that Joe is off the market it’s time you move on and plan your wedding as well.

So which sibling will be your wedding guide?

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