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My Mommy’s Job

It is not as dark as you might think

“Mom! Mom!”

My son came running towards me.

“Mom, Mom. As you know tomorrow is Mother’s Day at School and we have to tell stuff about our Moms to other students like how she looks, dresses and what kind of job she does.”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, barely listening while drinking my morning tea.

“So Mom, what kind of job do you do?”

A sudden jolt swept through me. I put down my cup of tea and looked at my son, narrow-eyed.

Then a cassette re-played in my head.

Use Candles to have the most gratifying experience.

The most recent job I had was just this last Friday, not 3 days ago. It had been a slow morning with my son ranting about how his teachers give him too much homework and my husband barking away nonsense about how harsh his boss was. Time seemed to go on for endlessly till they left. Once gone, such silence prevailed that a living scare had been introduced… but I had gotten used to it. I simple got my laptop and saw any clients who needed my services. Surprisingly, the people felt more heat than normal –summers I thought to myself, as I saw that quite a few individuals who were in dire need of my services. And so I got to work.

I took a lengthy shower, making sure to scrub every nook and cranny of myself and then afterward applying aftercare to soften my skin. Naked I moved about the house (the best feeling ever) and went to the cupboard. I took out a plain turquoise t-shirt with blue jeans and wore it. My clients usually preferred simple clothing so that is what I usually wore. I straightened my hair, grabbed a bottle of oil and left the door, keys in hand.

Roses and candles tend to set the perfect mood.

My first client was the most adjacent, right in the next block. He had Calvin Klein on to hide all the dirt seeping through his pore. These clients were the worst. I hated touching them but eh a job’s a job. 30 minutes I was in and out. I didn’t prefer to waste my time. As many clients I could do in a day, the more satisfaction I got.

The next client was a bit further away. It took me about 20 minutes just to reach his place and in the scorching heat it was already hot enough but what made it worse was that my car’s ac had stopped working so it took my all not too break down and start crying and go back home.

When I reached his house I was met with the most extraordinary of gentlemen. Such strong built. Such good looks. And a mansion on top of that. A guy I would surely love to have married if I hadn’t found my already living loving husband. I was enchanted by his aura but his words snapped me back to reality. He took me in and I was greeted by the cooling air of the AC. The perfect place for my job because it tended to get a bit hot once we were really into it. I gestured for the man to begin and he started taking his clothes off and lay down on the table. I moved closer to him and –

A random “good looking” individual I found without a copyright.


My son’s urgency shook me. I saw my surroundings and looked at my hands that had experienced pure bliss just a few days ago. I gave a deep sigh and replied:

“I work as a masseuse, my son. A masseuse who hasn’t had a happy ending yet.”

“What does that mean, Mom?”

“Nothing my son,” I sighed. “Nothing at all.”

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