Nasir Khan Jan Keeps His Calm While A TV Anchor Relentlessly Bullies Him

Morning shows in Pakistan over the years have earned themselves a reputation of being seriously annoying and degrading. The quality of the media content being aside, they simply cross ethical lines without any fear and that says a lot about the power media has in our country.

However, the still receive backlash over the social media but I guess that’s the extent of it.

Recently, Nasir Khan Jan, a social celebrity, was invited by Samaa TV on their morning show, Naya Din. The conversation seemed to be going pretty fine until the anchor decided to bring up Nasir’s social media posts and started questioning his actions. Things went south as the anchor named Mohammad Shuaeb lost his cool on live television. In a matter of few seconds, the clip surfaced online and went viral.

Nasir Khan Jan emerged as a online celebrity with his videos on Facebook. He is based in Peshawar and became famous because of his funny videos. He would even post clips of him dancing and wishing happy birthday to people on their request.

The clip clearly shows the unethical behavior of the anchor towards his guest, he was belittling and talking over him.

The Twitter took it upon themselves to call out this humiliating behavior.

“This is pretty shameful – I know morning shows are not doing well on most channels, but this one on Samaa takes the cake – invites a guest only to insult him – copying this from Arnab Goswami I presume who has perfected it to an art – credit to Nasir Khan Jan who kept his cool,” Omar Quraishi, a journalist commended Khan for keeping his calm.

A lot more people appreciated him for not losing his nerves, which was really easy to do so as the TV host was pretty demeaning.

Many people pointed out that you don’t have to be his fan to give him respect. Moreover, he was their guest who came all the way on their request which doesn’t give them any right to talk him down like that and question his personal choices. A similar treatment was given to Qandeel as well.

“Not a fan of Nasir Khan but this guy @mshoaib336 needs to learn some etiquettes. The management of @Nayadinsamaa should look into this and teach him some.

Ironic how it is always @SAMAATV with ill-mannered reporters, anchors and journalists.” tweeted another user.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the anchors were seen treating their hosts like this. In an episode that was aired previously, they had invited doctors who were on a strike. Instead of listening to their side of the story, they kept criminalizing them for asking for their right to be paid.

“Let’s identify that our real problem with people like Nasir Khan Jan and Qandeel Baloch is a socio-economic one. The same things done by rich celebrities is somehow tolerable but God forbid someone from a different social class tries to sing, dance or celebrate their bodies,” wrote Manal Faheem Khan.

Something that Khan kept pointing out in the TV show repeatedly as well but the anchor wouldn’t even give him the space to talk as well.

Many even called him out and asked him to apologize. But despite this all the TV anchor had to say was this with no remorse for his behavior.

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