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Never a Mistake


“Do you?” I silently whispered.

She stared at me blankly.

“D-D-Do you?” I asked her.

She kept on staring at me.

“Do you?”

“I can’t hear you…” she replied nonchalantly.

I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, gathered the courage and screamed my lungs out, “Do you want Magnum ice cream for dinner?”

Silence followed.

And in embarrassment, I turned red.



“W H A T  D I D  Y O U  E V E N  S A Y ?  I C E  C R E A M. A R E  Y O U K I D D I N G  M E ?” a tantrum prevailed in my mind. One shot. I had one shot. And I blurted out the wrong thing because I was hungry. I had one thing to say, “Do you love me?” and what did I end up saying because I was feeling hot. Ice cream. Sweet Heavenly Lord, it could have been anything but this food item. Did I really have to be ice cream? Why couldn’t it be something fancy like a steak or some sort of really verbose burger. Because I wanted ice cream maybe? Was the urge so strong to eat ice cream that I ended up asking the most stupid thing that one could possibly conjure up: that I would I like ice cream for dinner? LIKE who has Ice Cream for DINNER? I understand as a desert but as the main course, moreover DINNER, like how. How did my puny mind end up conjuring up this faulty statement? God, just kill me now. Strike me with lightning or make the Earth swallow me but just take me away right now.


As turmoil ensued in my head, a grumble was heard throughout the room. The grumble began slowly then slowly increased in volume and as it faded away; its echoes could be heard repeating in my ear. All thoughts were put aside and now I wondered had my stomach gone but in utter coincidence when I looked ahead, I saw that she was now as red as me.

Her stomach was the one that had spoken. She was hungry.

I stared at her for the next few seconds, a smile slowly making its way onto my face. She barely held her laugh back but seeing my lips slowly crack into a smile was too much and she burst out laughing.


“What”, I asked. She had said something as she laughed.

“Y-Ye”, she tried to speak once more.

“I can’t understand you,” I was now completely smiling.

She tried to pause for a breath but seeing my stupid grin she couldn’t help herself and continued to laugh but not before she said, “Sure, why not.”

I knew that through whatever coincidence/blessing/God help but I had achieved the purpose and I had asked the right thing. This ice cream was my day saver and this is what was going to lead the two of us to become one. Ice cream for the win!

P.S Magnum tastes the best 😛

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