News channels & Tweets – Are these the right source to form an opinion?

The global concept of generalizing is “concluding about a matter on basis of majority”. In Pakistan we generalize the other way around that too without any solid facts and figure. Pakistan is not deteriorating in standards as whole but it’s divided into two parts, two uncanny scenarios of the same picture and that says a lot how the matters are generalized.

Pakistani Yout Dilema

Extremism is eating out Pakistan alive in every matter. Weather it is religion, feminism, or any other news on basis of which generalizations are formed. To note examples from recent and ever green generalizations, one: University Of Karachi is not a safe place for girls due to environment (boys always flirting, discussion of unethical topics, etc) and there is a lot of political influence on everything (even when it comes to marking exam sheets) well, in minority? may be but majority? no! The matters in this university is no different from any regular university’s suitable environment to study with minimum political influence and students belonging to various backgrounds. two: feminism in Pakistan is only about the freedom of western clothing. well hell no. The recently held women in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore gave lot of ideas for “meme” and “tweets” to media but the intention of the march was much serious and meaningful.

Pakistani Youth Dilema

The power of healthy discussion is not only lacking but unknown for majority of youth. Now we can point fingers at media or education system or on anything else but the fact is, we do not look for reliable intellect sources instead we click the spicy blogs. Many of the details are missed and news channels and tweets are worst choice to form an opinion from. More than ever we need to prompt the reading culture (including not those best sellers) and newspapers to clarify the origins of concept and its influence.

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