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Nonchalance Is Overrated

In the ever changing rules of socializing, one seems to be gaining up on others. A nonchalant and uncaring attitude is now prized above feelings and emotions. The populace has begun to consider indifference “cool” and what sets them apart.

Problems of any amplitude can be solved with a simple, “I couldn’t care less,” or, “As if I care,” or, “I don’t give a fuck.”

We are often lectured by our friends and peers to pay no heed to somebody else’s shenanigans and that’s alright. When fretting over something inconsequential does nothing but raise anxiety levels, it is better to let go of things especially when they don’t matter in the long run.

On the other hand, measuring an individual’s intellect by how much they care about an issue or person is definitely not acceptable. People who show the slightest bit of passion are mocked by these “chill” folks, who consider the emotional spectrum too primitive for their refined tastes.

The presumption of intellectual adequacy, the idea that another is not as enlightened because they try to offer advice out of sympathy and empathy and that this advice will certainly be substandard is not cool. Empathy at its finest is imagining yourself in another person’s shoes and finding the best way out. It does not mean you are overly involved in a person’s affairs or that you are too emotional.

It is sublime to experience emotions with depth and to be in touch with your sentiment. We shouldn’t want to get rid of our emotions. As for oversensitivity; it is something we all could use a little more, especially to make better sense of what we are putting other people through, of what impact our existence has on others and the world itself.

Emotional indifference does not signify strength. It is resplendent to feel, to cry and laugh at the little things in life. These emotions are meant to be expressed not dumbed down because they act as your personal cognitive compass. It takes time to learn who to share those emotions with and if someone tells you to dial down on your emotional rector scale, maybe it’s time to walk out the door.

One must pick up on how to value and allow themselves to feel all of their emotions the way they come to them. Suppression never did anyone any good. To feel is to live, to bask in the glory of being human. Emotions and feelings are what set us apart from machines and since we’re already stuck in a system that resembles a broken machine, we have to do our best not to become something that runs on fuel and only performs the functions on command.

Apathy turns a person into a stone-cold shell of a human. Detachment and aloofness will not allow anyone to grow and evolve; they’ll freeze the person as they are, stopping them from becoming anything else.

Start caring more, let your passions run wild. Talk to strangers with excitement rivaling that of two best friends. Get mad about everything that is wrong about the world, and don’t hold back tears on whatever hurts you. If you love someone let them know!

You are flesh, blood, and bone. Start acting like it.

Start living.

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