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Not All Men But Enough

Over the course of a few years feminism has gained unmatched popularity in the region, but this popularity has also brought on disdain and resentment from the general public, otherwise known as sexists.

To me, anyone who is not a feminist happens to be a sexist. It’s as simple as that. If you do not support the social, economic and political equity of all genders, and you’re not feminist, you’re just sexist. Not to speak of the people who think equality is none of their business, and wish to remain unaffiliated with the whole shebang.Along with the feminist movement of our time and era, there are several other movements which have sprung up and are currently circulating around the world. Two of the most popular would be the #MeToo, and #NotAllMen. Such activism has caused people – especially women – all over the globe to speak up against harassment, sexual assault, consent etc.

As is the norm, these movements have also been heavily criticized by everyone; from people so deeply entrenched into the sexist lifestyle that they don’t understand the critical need for them, religious groups, to educated “pseudo-liberals,” who prefer to be clever about their oppression. While the #MeToo movement has gained more support, it’s #NotAllMen that has men triggered all over the place.

See, #NotAllMen goes against the generalization that all men consider women inferior and they are all the same when it comes to treating the other gender. It is amusing to note that while men never hesitate to generalize women into stereotypes – which have been set according to their standards, mind you – the minute a woman even thinks of, “All men…” there’s a hoard of the very same men being nasty because of the hasty generalization. These men want women to work the same manual labor they do (because equality) but frown when they themselves are generalized.Now, we’re not denying the rare existence of a creature which respects women, and the transgender, does not snatch away their rights, considers them equal, doesn’t objectify etc. all with the package of male genitalia. We’re sure such a creature lives among us, hidden from the beasts threatening to tear it apart because it does not conform to their standards. What we’re saying is; there are far too many of the beasts and not enough of the rare ones. So many men have offended the other genders, that it hard to not generalize.

In the US, more than half the female homicide victims are killed by their partners. In a country like Pakistan, where people hesitate to report crimes especially of the gender related variation, imagine what actual statistics would look like. Women are almost always targeted due to their gender and vulnerability by men. But do men accept the responsibility? No. They continue to poke holes in every theory that poses a threat to their masculinity or self-proclaimed superiority.What are we to do when men harm women over minor issues like covering themselves up, food, education and land? Where our legal and judicial system barely has any female representation let alone, Trans? All the uncountable crimes which have been committed by men, notably in the name of honor, cannot be dismissed by the despicable phrase, “Men will be men.” As for those who remain silent against these crimes, be it murder or common street harassment, they too are accomplices.

So many people have suffered at the hands of men, everyday there are various reports of men being the perpetrators of heinous crimes, and most of the time the victims are helpless.

Every woman has felt unsafe in a room full of men at least once.

Every woman has been made to feel uncomfortable by a man, and most of the time has had trouble refusing his advances in fear of retribution.

Every woman has been afraid to speak up because a man will somehow find a way to blame her for something she had no control over, for something she was a victim of.

Every woman has been shot down by a man, who claims whatever issue she is speaking of has never affected him personally and perhaps, she should speak up about when that is exactly what she’s doing.

Every woman has been derailed by the actual issue with a debate about #NotAllMen

Point is, it may not be all men but it’s certainly enough for it to become a massive social problem.

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