Pakistan Was Denied Captain Marvel By Disney India, Until We Finally Got It Like a Scary Period – Late & Short

We all love Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. It is a beautiful build up through roughly 21 movies in 11 years. Now that is some dedication and in other words, such a well did Slow drip of ideas. Each movie is better than the ones before and the characters keep developing more and more, stronger and better with each addition to the series.

Captain Marvel released on 8th March this year worldwide. In Pakistan, well, the movie didn’t make it at that time because of license trouble with India. India restricted the distribution of the movie, and the reports almost said that chances are, it won’t come to our cinemas at all.

Sadly, however, the film will not see the light of the day, according to a recent announcement by Cinepax Cinemas on their Facebook page.

They shared that Disney’s regional office (India) did not give Pakistan the rights to release the film here.

And people were furious. They were posting comments under the posts for other movies, they were giving the cinema bad reviews on their official page, for not trying harder.

Via Facebook Captain Marvel
Via Facebook Captain Marvel
Via Facebook Captain Marvel
Via Facebook Captain Marvel

However, they finally got the license and were able to show it. In most cinemas around Pakistan. They then removed the post as the international tension subdued and the situation improved.

Via Facebook Cinepax Cinema
Via Facebook Cinepax Cinema

The only problem left:

If you are a fully immersed fan then you know the pinch. Marvel’s Cinematic universe planned the whole series, step by step. It took its time to build the palate and the taste for its movies, more so its characters one after the other into the very diversified global audience. But because the 21st movie in the series was released late, the last one would take a toll. People who just saw Captain Marvel may be excited but for them to delay gratification is easier, for some Captain Marvel was a weak movie, Others don’t get why a woman can have her superhero movie, and many well, remain untapped. While the hype is good for any movie, this movie might have turned people sour as a matter of making some bold statement of rejecting what was once denied to us. Bottom line: Cinemas may delay Avengers Endgame and that won’t be any fun, especially in the world of internet piracy and spoilers everywhere.

Avengers Endgame is about to release on April 24th, and the series will finally come to a sweet close. Will the Avengers fall? Only one way to find out, unless, well, you want to also include the trashy leaked version online as another way too. In which case, I doubt your commitment to art and cinema. Caio!

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