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Pakistani Comedian Catfishes Tharki Tinder Men And Tricks Them Into Meeting Him For A “Date”

Who doesn’t love a good social experiment?

Mix in a comedian like our very own Karachi based Shehzad Ghias Sheikh and you’re in for a treat! In case you don’t know who this man is, he’s the one behind the “Samantha Gerry” episode which was also a brilliant prank but really was more Shehzad’s take on this “white saviour” complex that we harbor where anyone white swoops in to “save” Pakistan and is hailed a hero in our eyes.

And who can forget this brilliant response from Osman Khalid Butt?

Btw while you’re looking the man up, you’ll find that he does more than just crack jokes and prank people. Insightful social commentary is also his forte and perhaps is what makes a great comedian.

Coming back to the matter at hand, it all began one fateful day when Shehzad got matched with a woman named Anaya on Tinder and figured out that she made the account to find out whether or not her boyfriend was cheating on her. (Spoiler, he WAS)

However, when she figured out who he was, she opened up to him about her harrowing experiences dealing with pervy uncles, fuckboys, married men and loads more tharki men on the dating app and since she had found out her boyfriend was in fact cheating on her, she planned to delete the account. Only, she didn’t. That’s because luckily for us Shehzad decided to use this fake account to troll and get back at the thirsty and tharki men by donning the role of Shazia (smooth right?)

He set up the account and found out that Pakistani men will swipe right regardless of whether they actually have anything in common with the girl or not. Surprising? What happened next was something all us ladies are all to familiar with. A literal deluge of frandship messages and tharki men offering way more than just a good time. Granted Shazia was interacting with them on a dating app, so i hear some criticism going, well what did she expect? Right?

Well, take a look at some of the messages for yourself and be the judge;

Source; Shehzad Ghias Sheikh

Damn. but i’m sure the rest were better, right? RIGHT?!

Source; Shehzad Ghias Sheikh

Because the only way to deal with a woman with short hair is to brand her a lesbian and then have the nerve to  justify yourself by stating that it’s “daunting” to talk to a stranger for the first time. Well, at least he knows how women feel, right?

Because the classic pickup line, “you’re not like other girls” always gets you laid?

Source; Shehzad Ghias Sheikh

And if for some inane reason that doesn’t work, hook her in with the oh so original, “I’m not like other guys” bait.

Source; Shehzad Ghias Sheikh

This gem of a person made it a point to state that the Aurat March was in fact “haram” while he was on Tinder, trying to get laid…

Source; Shehzad Ghias Sheikh

Soon after dealing with all this, Shehzad decided something had to be done about these self righteous men so he did what any of us would’ve done in his position. He invited them all on a date at Cloud Naan on Monday at 6pm and according to him around 30 to 40 men actually showed up!

Here’s what he had to say on this interesting experience;

Over the past two weeks I have been running a fake girl’s profile on Tinder and I have found new respect for every Pakistani girl who continues to use the cesspool of humanity that is Tinder. I get that it is a dating app but in what world is it acceptable to start a conversation with ‘how much can I pay to f you’ or ’69?’.

I for one would have loved to have been there, just to see the look on everyone’s faces but there’s a lot to be learnt about the dating culture in Pakistan and how many men feel entitled to just about anything because they matched with someone on Tinder. I mean, come on.

Shehzad didn’t let his fellow men hanging though and even hooked them up with some really great dating tips and advice on just how to be a decent person really.

Some of my favourites included;

 Unless you are looking for threesomes with your wife, don’t join Tinder if you are married.

No uncle, being rich is not a personality type. Kami nahee hay dunya mai sugar daddies ko I don’t need to join Tinder to find a balding man whose daughter I am friends with.

If you see someone on Tinder that does not mean you can message them on Facebook/Instagram. That would be like just because you work for him your boss also feels he has the right to crawl into your bed

Unless you are Edward Cullen, “I want to suck your neck” is not a sexy opening line.

and perhaps my personal favourite;

Consent is key.

Here’s the entire story for more details


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  1. So why even females join such dating app? Stop this non sense. Tharki and weird people are every where. It is not necessary that he is a man or a woman. I am young guy and i know more than dozans of sugar mummies and married women I myself uncountered on different social sites so its mean women are tharkis and bla bla. If such article would be written by any man against women it will not be published neither i ever saw any such stupid and time wasting article anywhere. Just make yourself straight and correct and stop pointing others. Everything will be alright.

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